11 Space Saving Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom

Your tiny bathroom is about to get bigger.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build a small shelf for your razor

Make a designated spot for those small things that tend to clutter up the bathroom.

Build floating shelves for more storage

Keep towels, toilet paper, and toothbrushes within reach without sacrificing space.

Hang tension rods in place of a jewelry box

Keep your bathroom vanity clear by hanging your jewelry on the wall.

Stick on some door stoppers for toilet paper

Keep your toilet paper stowed and out of the way by placing it under the vanity.

Make a hanging organizer out of mason jars

Those faucet knobs are the perfect thing for this bathroom organizer.

Find space above your bathroom door

Don’t let that space go to waste. Build a shelf to store towels or other bathroom supplies.

Build a magazine holder out of cardboard

You always want reading material in the bathroom, so make a spot for it in the corner.

Hang a ladder on your wall for towels

They can be hung nicely or in attached baskets.

Glue some plates into a tiered tray

Build your storage space upwards, and get a chic spot on your vanity.

Place a small box on your toilet

This is a great storage idea for your bathroom essentials.

Transform a bar cart into a corner caddy

The perfect place to store your grand collection of nail polishes.