Don't Overlook These 14 Common Garage Sale Finds

Keep an eye out for these treasures the next time you stop at a yard sale.

By Hometalk Highlights

Rusted tools and metal pieces

These add the perfect touch to your farmhouse rustic decor.

Your typical wicker bench

With a new paint job and some pillows, this can become your new favorite porch seat.

An old wooden cart or stand

With a bit of paint and some hooks, this became an amazing grill cart.

A clunky outdated lamp

With some white spray paint and new lamp shades, these old lamps got a total facelift.

A broken antique chair that’s had better days

With some refinishing and a bit of fabric you can get a stunning arm chair.

A damaged piece of furniture

This night table just needed a new paint job for it to fit perfectly in this bedroom.

A once-tacky metal stool

Some metallic paint and a white top transformed this into a chic accent table.

Old suitcases and other dusty storage finds

While separately they don’t go anywhere, a few stacked together make beautiful vintage decor.

Empty wine and whisky bottles

They’re super fun to decorate and, when covered in twine or wicker, add texture to any room.

A regular unhinged door

With some creativity, this blogger turned this door into an elegant coat hanger.

That basic time-worn ladder

Painted ladders are perfect for bookshelves or towel racks.

Plastic wall sconces that don’t fit anywhere

This blogger painted it black and used the design for added decor.

Old, beaten up books

Recycle these into amazing wall decor that will catch your eye every time you walk in.

Single, mismatched plates

Repaint them and hang as a unique wall art.