Why Everyone is Excited to Rake Leaves This Fall

Here is your motivation for raking leaves in your yard.

By Hometalk Highlights

They can be ironed into a stunning wreath

We love how fresh and natural this wreath looks.

Their colors can be preserved forever

An iron and some wax paper do the trick.

They upgrade candles to Pottery Barn quality

Get gorgeous accented candles for a fraction of the price.

They create gorgeous tree luminaries

These tree luminaries will look great throughout Christmas too.

They make bright and colorful bowls

We love how you can make this with a balloon.

They can be spray painted metallic

This decorative metallic leaf tree puts a modern spin on fall decor.

They make a beautiful wreath

Even if you only have brown leaves, they are the perfect way to make a fall wreath.

They can be used as stencils

We love how this hometalker used them as mason jar candle holders.

They’re majestic when dipped in gold paint

String them together for a stunning fall leaf banner.

They can be framed into chic wall decor

Paint the front of the leaf gold and hang it with a wooden frame for a rustic touch.

They make a cozy colorful light

That glass pumpkin was the perfect container to hold the leaves.

They’re so popular that people mimic them

If you don’t have any leaves in your backyard, you can still make them with this tutorial.