Succulent Log Update

I posted some garden photos a while back and the succulent log in one of the photos has now really taken off. From some small succulents planted up - they are now filling out to the point where I can pull some leaves off and make new plants. If you take the leaf off cleanly, leave it to dry for a few days, you will see little roots start to grow at the base of the leaf. Pop into some cacti potting mix (or mix some sand into your potting mix as it needs to be free draining) and you can multiply your plants. Give some away or swap with your friends and neighbours for some of their plants!

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4 questions
  • Sue Abramo
    on Apr 14, 2017

    Hello, I live up north when is the best time of year to bring all my succulents inside, and are there any succulents that could be planted in the ground and not die as soon as the first frost hits I bring mine in the house around the middle of September then load up my garden window, I had a huge trumpet jade and one fall we had a early frost and I couldn't save any of it so from that point on I keep a close eye on our overnight temperature, if we made a greenhouse what temperature would I need to keep it set to, thank you
    • Carole
      on Apr 15, 2017

      Hi,I am a succulent enthusiast but not an expert by any means. I live in Australia so our climate would be very different to yours. We do get snow and frost here in the Blue Mountains though. It is a climate with two warm/hot months per year, one cooler month then one cold month where it can certainly snow, but not settle for more than a couple of days. I would be looking up online for frost hardy succulents. They all have different tolerance levels depending on which country they come from. Some will wither and die with the slightest frost and some are more frost hardy. Either go online or buy a good book on succulents which shows you the huge variety of succulent and cacti and where they come from. I have a book The World Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents. Miles Anderson. It is very informative and opens your eyes to the possibilities. I usually put a blanket over mine in the garden if frost is forecast and remove it when the sun comes out. It does squash them a bit, but better that than lose them. Good luck.

    • Sue Abramo
      on Apr 16, 2017

      Thank you
  • Jane
    on Nov 9, 2018

    Now that your succulents have grown in what happens when they overgrow the log? Can succulents be divided?

    • Carole
      on Nov 9, 2018

      There are many types of succulent - hundreds. Just choose the ones that don't grow very big and all should be fine. If they should grow/spread then they are very easy to remove some of the rosette heads and just put them atop some succulent potting mix and they will form roots and voila - you have just propagated more succulents. They are the easiest plants to multiply their numbers in this way. Some will even grow from a gently removed at the base leaf. Lay atop some potting mix and don't water and you will see new roots form. Leaf needs to be cleanly removed, if not, they won't form roots.

    • Jane
      on Nov 10, 2018

      Thank you Carole, will give it a go.

  • Carol Raczka
    on Dec 7, 2018

    Will they freeze

    • Carole
      on Dec 8, 2018

      Depends where you live and the climate. These haven't done.

  • Judith LePage
    on May 28, 2019

    I'm making a succulent garden in a terrarium and I want to raise a couple of succulents so it creates an uneven look. Would it be better to place succulents on stacked rocks or cover a box with moss and place succulent in a carved out box?

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  • Danit Felber
    on Mar 23, 2017

    This is the kind of simple idea I would never be able to think of myself. Absolutely gorgeous!
    • Carole
      on Mar 23, 2017

      Thank you. It works well as the smaller growing succulents do not need very deep soil.

  • Sirkku
    on May 18, 2017

    Great idea, thanks for sharing
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