Another Visitor to the Garden - Winston the Pig!

One of our neighbours has acquired a pet pig. This pet pig has the potential to reach 100 kg, even though they are sold as mini pigs over here! We first encountered Winston on a bush walk where he was wearing a halter but no lead and was accompanying his owner and her beagle dogs. I think he thinks he is a dog! Here he is on our front yard. The beagles got out and he obviously thought he was part of the pack! He follows them everywhere! He is probably only about half grown here and stands about an inch taller than our Labrador at the moment. I think when he is full grown she had better watch out! Maybe we had all better watch out! LOL!
Winston wearing his halter with name tag on our front lawn
Here is Winston with one of his two beagle companions - heading in our direction!
Winston investigates the woodchip mulch - is this edible?
Catch me if you can - on the front lawn

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