Turn them into glowing Chinese lanterns

Freezing them is the key to cutting them with ease.

Paint them into gorgeous watercolor flowers

This 3D wall decor looks stunning on any wall.

Emboss them into metal signs

Then glue them onto wood for a rustic look.

Cut them into vintage metal number labels

Place them on cubbies, lockers, or wherever you want.

Turn them into colorful wind spinners

These are so much fun to put in your backyard.

Recycle them into chic wall art

Get a high-end look for a knock-off price with these handmade flowers.

Use them to get a hammered copper texture

This would look great layered over a glass decor bottle.

Cut them into wreath flowers

Spray paint them however you like and glue them onto a wreath.

Turn them into stunning candle holders

Who knew a soda can could look this elegant?

Turn them into soda angels

You can make a bunch of these to hang on your Christmas tree.

Use the tabs to save precious closet space

Tier your hangers with soda can tabs for a lot more room.