Hide Your Home's Eyesores With These 11 Brilliant Ideas

You’re totally going to want to try the last one.

By Hometalk Highlights

The eyesore: A big electric box by the door

This electric box was all they could look at every time they walked by their font door.

The fix: An extra fence panel

Paint it white and cut it to fit around the box.

The eyesore: a bulky air conditioner unit

This took up a lot of space and was hard to look at, even if it did provide cold air in the summer.

The fix: Decorating it into a cute home

Even if you can’t get rid of it, you can still make it look pretty.

The eyesore: An ugly trash can

This white and dirty trash can was all you could look at when you walked into the kitchen.

The fix: A hand built wooden cabinet

It even has a leaning door to easily throw away trash, and it looks great in the kitchen.

The eyesore: An ugly office printer

This printer looked awkward sitting in the midst of all the other home decor.

The fix: A woven basket

Make sure to cut out a rectangle for the paper and two squares in the back, so it doesn’t overheat.

The eyesore: Your average wall thermostat

Why does everyone need to see the set temperature?

The fix: A frame and picture

By hanging a frame on the thermostat, this blogger added decor to her home and hid an ugly eyesore.

The eyesore: An old land line in the wall

The remnants of an old land line phone cost too much to repair but was still ugly.

The fix: A homemade cork board

The gorgeous homemade cork board looks stunning on the wall and completely hides the land line.

The eyesore: An electric panel

The big panel had no way of blending into the wall, and it made the room look incomplete.

The fix: A barn door closet

This hand built closet hid the panel while adding storage space and a farmhouse feel to the room.

The eyesore: The garage door opener

This protruding piece stood out in the renovated office.

The fix: A flip-open frame

Adding a hinge and piece of wood to this $1 frame perfectly hides the protruding button.

The eyesore: Your tangled cords

If you have more than one electronic device in your home, you can relate to this.

The fix: A pegboard

This colorful pegboard hides all the cords, and the wires easily slip through the holes.

The eyesore: A big white water heater

Even in the laundry room, this water heater was an ugly eyesore.

The fix: A paneled three-sided box

By using plywood and some 1X4s, this hometalker made a box that easily slides on and off the heater.

The eyesore: An internet router

With the weird shape and wires all around, this is not something you want people to see.

The fix: an old book cover

Cut out the papers and use the cover to hide the router without blocking the signal.