DIY ART-Driftwood Fish Creation!

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1 Hour

During a recent garage clean out I "found" a bag of driftwood from our summer trip back home to the Pacific Northwest. When I collected all this wood I had visions of making, mirrors, frames, and all all sorts of cool things. Then reality sets in post vacation and the bag of sticks gets "lost" in the black hole...aka "The garage". Then one day I sent my Mom a picture of a driftwood fish and by the time I got home from the office she had made this amazing masterpiece! Here is a little tutorial about how you too can go on a nature walk and find some sticks and create! The kids would love doing this too!
Gather all your supplies! Mom used UnicornSPiT to add color to the sticks and she used Pixiedust liquid chalk mineral additive to make chalk like paint out of a small sample jar of paint (I love the look of a chalky paint wash). Here is a little project list....
*3 boards that are 4-6" wide by 24" long (We took apart an old pallet that we had saved, so one board is not as wide as the other 2). IF you don't have wood "laying around" like we do, Home Depot or Lowe's will gladly cut some for you.
*Sample Jar of paint or a watered down craft paint would work for the white wash. (We used a sample jar mixed with Pixie Dust Liquid Mineral Additive to get that chalky wash finish on the boards).
*Wood stains or Craft Paint for the sticks/driftwood (we used Unicorn Spit)
*E6000 (best glue around)
Assemble your boards and paint them. To assemble them we screwed a scrap piece of the pallet to the back of it. Once your boards are together and dry, take your driftwood (or sticks) and arrange them to make your fish. Because our boards were long we made a long skinny fish. But if you had shorter boards you could make your fish a little more fluffy!
Glue them down AFTER you like what you have and begin to paint them. The Unicorn SPiT works well for this as you just need a little and you can mix colors (we love using egg cartons for our paint projects, better for the environment than tossing them away).
Then display your fish and hope he makes you smile every time you walk past it! Or in our case it was sold the next day at Mom's store! :)

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn Spit  (
  • Pixie Dust Liquid Chalk Additive  (

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2 questions
  • J. Hicks
    on Sep 23, 2016

    Where do you get Unicorn spit paint?

  • JW11
    on Oct 26, 2016

    Hi, What is in the picture behind the fish on the wall? I like how it looks can only see it partially though. Looks cool n interesting.

    • Sarina Correa
      on Dec 13, 2018

      Replying 2 years later.....Its the engine blade of a British Airways Concorde Plane. :)

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  • Nancy
    on Nov 16, 2016

    Nice conversation piece love it and colors look indian style love it thanx for sharing😍

  • Bex
    on Nov 21, 2016

    You inspired me to make one, thank you! I used driftwood from the Ohio River though!

    , You inspired me to make one thank you I used driftwood from the Ohio River instead of the ocean
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