Make Your Neighbors Giggle With These 9 Halloween Fairy Garden Ideas

The last one should be on every porch this Halloween.

By Hometalk Highlights

Fill an old birdbath with a haunted castle

Okay, theses guys might not be fairies, but fairies could totally live here.

Turn a birdhouse into a Halloween house

This two-tiered fairy garden has just the right amount of spook and scare.

Place some spiderwebs around for a foggy look

This spooky garden was completed with a bunch of things from the Dollar Store.

Or add in witches’ fairy legs for some fun

Even small touches can change your fairy garden into Halloween form.

Use mini pumpkin heads in a fairy graveyard

This is probably the spookiest fairy garden we have seen.

Paint pebbles and rocks as pumpkins

If you can’t find small pumpkins for your Halloween fairy garden, just paint some rocks.

Change up your garden with a haunted house

We love those mini, spooky ghosts.

Make your garden inside a pumpkin

Cut out the pumpkin for a great place to make your garden.

Use outdoor leaves for a fall themed garden

Put it around a tree for the perfect Halloween fairy garden.