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Country French Dresser

While shopping at a local thrift store, I found this adorable Dresser wedged in a corner and bought it. Ugh, found the very hard to notice damage at home.
This Dresser was in need of repair. It looked as if it may have been in storage and suffered water damage.
I removed drawers, no need to clean exterior as it was to be sanded.
Inside the Dresser ancient bug sacs were found and removed by scraping and throughly vacuumed.
Homemade chalk paint was made ( plaster of Paris, water, paint of choice )
Wood filler was used to build up side panel of Dresser and sanded. This process was repeated several times.
A stencil was downloaded, and the projector transfer method was used. First penciled, then paint pen.
Dark wax was applied after lightly distressing.
The sides are very smooth - you would never know there was damage. The pics are shadowy - sorry 馃榾

Materials used for this project:

  • Homemade chalk paint, sander, stencil, paint pen
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