Sleep Better at Night With These 9 Cleaning Bed Hacks

The best tips on cleaning everything from your pillows to your mattress

By Hometalk Highlights

1. Clean your mattress with baking soda

Yup, even your mattress needs a cleaning once in awhile.

2. Test your pillows to see if they’re good

If you fold them in half and they stay that way, it’s time to buy some new pillows.

3. Toss two pillows in the washing machine

It will keep your machine balanced and clean your feathered pillows at the same time.

4. Use liquid detergent instead of powder

You don’t want to find any powder on your pillows after you have cleaned them.

5. Fluff your pillows with tennis balls

Adding them to your dryer will ensure your pillows come out fluffy and clean.

6. Clean your pillows twice a year

You don’t have to wash them like your sheets, but every once in awhile you do need to clean them.

7. Wash your sheets every one to two weeks

One is preferable, but two weeks is totally acceptable.

8. Get stains out of your quilts with alcohol

Some rubbing alcohol, dawn soap, and a rinse in the machine got this quilt looking like new.

9. You can also leave it outside in the sun

Those rays are filled with bacteria killing power.

10. Or clean it with some hydrogen peroxide

A few spritzes and this mattress turned clean and white.