How to Repair This Piece?

The glass is adhesive in and difficult to take out.

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  • Judith F Judith F on Nov 29, 2013
    Finally a finished dresser.I should have realized, after the 4 th problem, I was jinxed.All that broken glass.One drawer was left on top of truck cab and was broken and one corner of drawer had to be repaired,One gass door was replaced with 1/8 inch glass, so beings the other was beveled,I decided to use glass tiles to make them match.Now it was too front heavy and would not stand up, without falling forward.I too 4 small brick pavers, sprayed them black and epoxied them under neath towards the back.That worked, now the doors were uneven and would not stay shut.I took all the screw holes and filled in with toothpicks and wood-glue.Hubby made them too big, while drilling and therefore while putting in bigger screws, he cracked one glass door.I walked away for 2 days, then made all the screw holes new again.Made a second row of glass tiles to cover the crack.Brought in a friend , who drilled the tiny holes for me and put back the original screws , now it shuts and matches.Needless to say, after I cleaned it up again, I wrapped it in a quilt and then finally delivered to Grand daughter 80 miles away.They haven't heard tho whole story yet.Saving it for a real good laugh. I didn't take the finale photo , but there is actually a row of glass tiles beneath the top row.I was even getting paranoid of taking that last photo, because something else could happen .No more glass for me.
  • Judith F Judith F on Nov 29, 2013
    almost 3 months later.What do you think????
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