10 Space Saving Hacks for Your Small Laundry Room

Your laundry room has been waiting for this.

By Hometalk Highlights

Install two cabinets with shelves in between

You’ll get a lot more storage space than with just one wire shelf.

Switch your swinging door for a sliding one

This adorable farmhouse sliding door was made with two kitchen cabinets.

Hang your iron on the wall

Save precious space by hanging your ironing board, and your iron, on the wall.

Add some narrow cubbies and basket

This makes all your laundry equipment easy to access without taking up much space.

Build platforms for your appliances

They’ll add extra storage and you won’t have to bend down so much to load your machine.

Use shutter doors in a laundry closet

This laundry closet feels much bigger with shutter doors than it did with a regular door.

Build a mobile laundry station

Easily sort through clothes and take it anywhere with you.

Put a shelf on top of your machines

You’ll have extra room to fold and sort.

Hang a rod on one side

It will give you space to hang up clothes that need to air dry.

Add a narrow closet to keep things hidden

You’ll know where your detergent is, but no one else will.