Why Everyone is Using Hometalk Blue in Their Home

We can't get enough of this blue.

By Hometalk Highlights

It looks great as a glass flower

Aren’t those petals pretty?

It makes a great colorful lamp

And adds drama to any room.

It looks great next to plants and shrubs

We love this adorable planter that adds green and blue to any room.

It’s a fantastic border for a bulletin board

We love how it’s also Hometalk shaped.

It makes a great 3D sign

On a piece of wood, Hometalk blue is the perfect pop of color.

It adds great color to a doily

Placing a color behind the doily pattern really enhances it.

It sits beautifully on a printed canvas

The possibilities for this are endless.

It adds a pop of color to any sign

And who doesn’t love Hometalk blue with shiplap?

It turns into the coolest newspaper vase

That ombre effect would look good in any office or home.

It frames a cute clock

Whether it has numbers or is on DIY time.

It’s the perfect color for any office or home

Add some Hometalk blue to brighten up your room.