10 Gorgeous Ways to Transform a Brick Fireplace Without Replacing It

If you've been wanting to re-do your fireplace, you're going to want to see this.

By Hometalk Highlights

The problem: It’s outdated and a stand-out

The brass around this fireplace dated the area and did not flow with the rest of the room.

The fix: Spray paint the brass and add tile

Adding glass tile made this fireplace look modern and cool.

The problem: There’s no mantel

Even though the brick was fine, it was missing something.

The fix: Add a gorgeous mantel

The new mantel, paired with plastered walls and a tiled firebox, totally changed this living room.

The problem: It’s old fashioned and dark

This red brick fireplace was hardly used except for collecting dust and random items.

The fix: Paint the brick a bright color

It’s so simple, and the white washed look brightens up this room in no time.

The problem: The brick color doesn’t match

This brick didn’t match the ambiance of the room, and made it very dark.

The fix: Match it to the color of the room

The white paint went perfectly with the gold trimmed shelves.

The problem: It looks old and boring

This simple fireplace could use some sprucing up.

The fix: Add a new royal mantel and boards

By covering up the concrete mantel with wood, this fireplace got a whole new makeover.

The problem: Too textured and modern

This fireplace was really unique, but no one would buy the house.

The fix: Add some faded brick and shiplap

You can’t go wrong with this dreamy mix.

The problem: You want a farmhouse look

The red brick didn’t do it, and the grey was too modern.

The fix: Paint the grout white for texture

By smearing the paint around, you get a farmhouse feel with a great look.

The problem: It’s too brown

Sure, it looked pretty on Christmas, but this blogger wanted something light and bright.

The fix: Attach some white drywall

The drywall and new mantel was just what this blogger wanted.

The problem: The brick looks old

This brick looked aged and old and didn’t do anything for the room.

The fix: Paint it with chalk paint

By painting each brick separately, this blogger maintained the texture but gave it a fresh look.