Pet hair galore!! What do you do?

We have three pugs. They probably should not be allowed on the furniture, but we love our dogs. We enjoy having them sit beside us. We have tried to NOT allow them on the furniture, but we are not the best at it.

We have dark brown, microfiber living room furniture and have 3 fawn colored pugs. They are heaving shedders. The hair really shows on our furniture and isn't easy to vacuum off. I have even tried to use the sticky paper rollers, but that doesn't work well.

What is the best way to control the dog hair on our furniture? We do work long hours from the house so we want quick and easy (doesn't everyone?).

We are needing to buy a hand vac for this purpose (along with stair cleaning and car vacuuming). I have posted a question about best hand vacs, also!!
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