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Need a Fall Wreath That is Inexpensive to Make?

There are so many materials that you can use to make a Fall wreath. Some of them can be quite expensive by the time you purchase all the additional supplies. However, coffee filters are inexpensive and if you are like me, you like changing out your wreath often.
I will show you how to make this coffee filter wreath that you can then change to meet your decor.
Step 1: Start with a base. I am using a straw wreath that i purchased at a garage sale for 25 cents. I see them often at garage sales and buy them for wreath making.
Cost: $4 Difficulty: Easy
Step 2: Purchase a package of coffee filters. I bought these natural coffee filters since they were already tan and I didn't have to tea stain them. You could also use white ones for a different look. These filters were around $2.
Step 3: Separate your filters. Take one of the filters and gather it while holding the bottom.
Step 4: Attach the filter to the wreath. Place some hot glue on the wreath and add the filter. Be careful of the hot glue. I burn myself on a regular basis.
Step 5: Continue gathering filters and attaching them to the base. I did some filters differently. I pushed up the bottom so that it made a center for the filter and attached it. This created smaller flowers. I liked the two sizes and the look it created.
Step 6: Add a ribbon to the wreath before finishing attaching all the coffee filters. I just tied it around until later.
When all the filters were attached, I used some black mesh that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.
Step 7: I cut the mesh into squares and "scrunched them up and then hot glued them between the coffee filters.
Step 8: Now it was time to make and attach the bow. I cut the remaining ribbon to make a hanger so I could hang it.
Stop by my blog to find out additional details and information on making this coffee filter wreath.

Materials used for this project:

  • Straw wreath   (Craft store)
  • Natural coffee filters   (Grocery store)
  • Ribbon/ Black mesh   (Dollar Tree)

To see more: http://eclecticredbarn.blogspot.com/2016/09/fall-wreath-from-natural-coffee-filters.html

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