Hanging Witch's Hat Luminaries

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Ready for some more Halloween party goodness? Here is another great floating luminary similar to the candles I posted a couple days ago. This time I decided to make some floating witch's hats with lights inside. I decorated the hats with a bit of glitter and tied flameless tea lights inside for a bit of a glow.
The glitter is even more glitzy in person... You could use other colors as well for an extra pop of color and fun.
Even if you don't have lights these are a great way to add some spooky fun!
SUPPLIES: -Scissors -Tape -Glue -Glitter -Witch's Hat(s) -Fishing Wire -Flameless Tea Lights -Safety Pins (Didn't use the paint brush)
STEP 1: Take some tape and tape a design to the outside of your witch's hat in the shape of your desire.
STEP 2: Draw lines of glue around the tape shapes you made around your hat.
STEP 3: Pour fine glitter over top of the lines of glue you drew around the hat.
STEP 4: Allow the glue/glitter combo to dry completely.
STEP 5: Take a needle and thread a long piece of fishing wire through the eye and feed it through the tip top of the hat.
STEP 6: Pull the needle through the inside of the hat and through the small hole of a safety pin. Tie a knot around the safety pin so that the wire stays in place. Be sure to leave a nice long strand of wire on both sides of the pin. (one to hang the hat and the other to tie the tea light to) With the end of the wire that is shorter (and inside the hat) tie the flameless tea light in place. *Make sure it isn't hung too far from the safety pin that it is hanging outside of the hat, but not so close that it only lights the tip of the hat. *Now you will simply pull your long strand of fishing wire that is on the outside of the hat taught so that the safety pin rests against the tip on the inside. Use the outside string to hang the hat where you wish. I simply used a clear push pin to hang it into the ceiling, but you could also use command hooks and tie it up if needed.
Look at all that glitter!
You can do any design you like with the glue/glitter combo... or even put words... or simply leave the hats plain!
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Suggested materials:

  • Witch's Hats  (Target)
  • Flameless Tea Lights  (Dollar Tree)
  • Glitter  (Michael's)
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  • Giorgia
    on Oct 16, 2016

    loved it

  • MsTamay
    on Oct 31, 2016

    OMG, missed out this year but I'm doing these for sure next year at home and office at work. -thanks for sharing!

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