Brass Trough (?)

Bought this at a flea market but have no idea what to do with it! It measures 12" deep, 22" wide, 12"front to back. I thought about lining it with a plastic bag and storing blankets in it, but I'm hoping for some better ideas. Thank you!
q brass trough
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  • Gil6416533 Gil6416533 on Oct 02, 2016
    If you have a wood burning fireplace it is a nice place to hold extra wood for the fireplace...OR use it in the bathroom to hold your clean towels.

  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Oct 03, 2016
    use for flowers on porch

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Oct 03, 2016
    I think it would look stunning hanging on a wall as a shelf. Perhaps add a piece of wood across the width to create an extra shelf. That way you'll have double the space.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Oct 03, 2016
    Thank you! How would I fasten a shelf inside of it, though? Can you tell that I'm new at this? 😊

    • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Oct 03, 2016
      Hi Stephanie, I think you're best bet would be a floating shelf. This video will give you an idea how to hang one. To get the shelf to fit inside your gorgeous brass trough I found the easiest is to take a piece of cardboard and squish it inside so you get a template of how the shelf should be cut. Do you have someone who can cut wood for you? If not lots of hardware stores will do it for you. If the floating shelf doesn't appeal, you could also us L-shaped brackets. Hope that helps

  • Lok12371318 Lok12371318 on Oct 03, 2016
    I love this copper container. I think I would love to either use it as the above poster stated, as a kindling holder if you have a fireplace. But I think I would really love to incorporate it into one of my gardens as part of a fountain like small pond, a planter. It's really too deep for a birdbath but gosh, I love it. Coming up blank w/other ideas at the moment. Something will occur to me later. I have things I purchased at thrift stores years ago (back in the day when I could afford to pick up odds and ends thinking I would find a use for them some day. I usually always find a use for nifty items, sometimes it just takes years for the opportunity and/or idea to hit.

  • Lok12371318 Lok12371318 on Oct 03, 2016
    I like the bathroom towel idea also and if my bathroom was big enough... Oh, how about a vintage looking indoor/outdoor fairy garden?