Soundproofing a room

Hi. I want to soundproof my bedroom. Could someone help me on how to do this for low cost?
Thank you in advance.
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  • Shana Russell Shana Russell on Oct 03, 2016
    Heavy curtains with blinds will help quiet outside noise. Adding throw rugs, can also help if you have someone downstairs who is noisy. And lastly, instead of using pictures in frames that may bounce from noise hang woven art. Good luck with your quiet room.
    • Siti Siti on Oct 04, 2016
      Hi Shana Russel, Thankyou for yr idea. i thought of that as well.using some thick curtains for my window. Thank you ya.=)
  • Jude Ruano Ciancone Jude Ruano Ciancone on Oct 03, 2016
    My father in law bought panels of cork put them on his walls.
    • Siti Siti on Oct 04, 2016
      Hi Jude, Yup.i like the idea.but dont know where to find them here in Malaysia. thankyou for yr idea ya.=)
  • We28518635 We28518635 on Oct 04, 2016
    we used foam egg cartons stapled to our basement ceiling. Save them or ask your friends and neighbors to save them for you. worked for us. If you want to use glue be sure it won*t melt the form.
    • Siti Siti on Oct 04, 2016
      Thank You We2deebees. my fiance told me so too. might as well we'll implement this idea to our bedroom. =)
  • Mary Messenger Mary Messenger on Oct 04, 2016
    I put in solid wood doors. Made an enormous difference.
    • Siti Siti on Oct 04, 2016
      solid wood door eh.thanks for your idea mary. but for the rent house, quite difficult for me to apply it. heeee.
  • Barb Reimer Barb Reimer on Oct 04, 2016
    I saw a product that you apply to the back of your drywall sheets ( is a spreadable product ) This product says is provides a good sound barrier, and has good reviews ! Just saying...
  • Helen Higgason Helen Higgason on Oct 04, 2016
    Why would anyone want to soundproof a bedroom, WHY, pray tell?????
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    • Siti Siti on Oct 04, 2016
      Heee. It just the apartment we plan to rent is near a busy main road. quite troublesome for us to have a nice rest when we're home. =)
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Oct 04, 2016
    I see someone suggested foam egg cartons. My generation used the paper egg cartons and you can often find them in 18 to 24 egg size. I eat a lot of eggs. I am sure I could have sound proofed my entire house by now, ceiling to floor. LOL : )
  • Bunny Harrison Bunny Harrison on Oct 04, 2016
    This idea was used in a dining room, but since it has a classic look it can go anywhere: using picture frame mold make rectangular frames, stuff cotton batting onto foam board, cover with fabric matching room, staple, and hang. Looks beautiful and absorbs sound.
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    • Sonia Burrows Sonia Burrows on Oct 09, 2016
      I did something similiar in our L shaped family room that had 2 T.V.'s. I built a frame our of wood and used a soft foam wrapped with cotton batting and then wrapped with fabric. It deaden the sound between the two T.V.'s quite well. They were about 5 feet apart from each other and work well.
  • Helen Higgason Helen Higgason on Oct 05, 2016
    There's my answer, thank you .....
  • Wranglerold Wranglerold on Oct 13, 2016
    Try 1 1/2 thick styrofoam with white backing on it from Lowe's,I used it on my garage doors for reducing heat an stuff an keeps the noise down an cool to. It's just a thought.
    • Bunny Harrison Bunny Harrison on Oct 14, 2016
      how did you attach it to the garage door? What size styrofoam did you use? And, did you find it effective in reducing heat?
  • Wranglerold Wranglerold on Oct 14, 2016
    I have the old style aluminum doors with the lip on the back side. I measured the thickness an went to Lowe's an got it there,it comes in 24x48 X13/8 . You will have to cut it down to size an then work it in, its tight,but it will fit.Use a puffy knife on edges to help you out. I live out in southern Cali where it hits 105 in the summer an with this product an a fan blowing in the garage it's like 75 degrees.
    • Bunny Harrison Bunny Harrison on Oct 15, 2016
      Is your garage door solid or does it roll up in segments - which is what mine is -- I hope this'll work on my garage door as it faces due west. Thanks
  • Wranglerold Wranglerold on Oct 15, 2016
    Mine is a three segment roll up door an mine faces the east an gets the early morning sun an does a great job. Go on Lowe's or Home Depot or what ever place you shop at an compare. If you need more info call.