Tired of Wreaths? Try These Ideas Instead!

You can still decorate your door for the season without a wreath.

By Hometalk Highlights

Create this beautiful light up flower hanger

It’s quite simple to do, and it looks good on any door.

Place some flowers in a witch’s hat

This Halloween spin on an umbrella door hanger is sure to be a winner this season.

Cut out your own shabby chic fall hanger

You can make it any shape you like, but this pumpkin is perfect for fall.

Hang a watering can with some flowers

Add some color and a spring feeling to your door without hanging a wreath.

Spray paint a wicker plate into a pumpkin

It’s a great way to reuse those old plate holders sitting in your house.

Reshape leaves into an owl hanger

This hanger is cuter than any wreath.

Cut out a pallet wood heart

This hanger is good for Valentine’s day, or any day.

Stack half pumpkins into a door hanger

It’s so festive and it’s a great way to display your address.

Paint your own dual sided hanger

Can’t decide on one theme? This dual sided hanger has got you covered.

Tie some pinecones to ribbons

It’s a simple way to decorate, and it looks beautiful throughout the cold season.