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Give New Life to Your Faded Sofa for $5.00

This is our brown micro-suede 3 piece sectional sofa. It was in our sun room. As you can see the sun did a great job fading the fabric which was exposed to the windows and sun.
Time: 3 Days Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
Our comfy sectional sofa wrecked by the sun!! Only the back and top were faded. The sofa was otherwise fine.
We didn't know it was faded till the movers delivered it. Or I would have left it and not moved it. Hum what to do?? I decided to spray brown rite dye on the fabric. What did I have to lose?
1. I poured the rite dye into a spray bottle, I did not dilute the dye.
2. I placed cardboard from the moving boxes under the sofa to protect our new
floors which you can see.
3. I left the sofa to dry over night.
4. I sprayed the sofa again the next day and followed the same process a 3rd
5. Be sure to wash out the spray bottle between applications. I used dollar
store bottles and did need to use the second spray bottle.
In this picture you can see the before and after. While its not perfect it is 90% better then it was. Only problem is if you lean over the fabric, you may wear a little of the brown dye. In the last picture you can see our new sofa/dining table place behind the sofa along with the dogs crate. No more leaning. This sofa is so comfortable and you can wipe up the kids and dogs food and drink spills, so we did not want to replace it for now.

Materials used for this project:

  • Spray bottles, Rite Brown fabric dye, floor protector, water clean up.   (Craft store and dollar store)

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