21 Amazing Pumpkin Ideas That You Need to See Before Halloween

This time you're the Fairy Godmother! Turn a pumpkin into...

By Hometalk Highlights

Make an autumn party pumpkin bowl for $10

Just carve out the inside of any pumpkin for this sparkling beverage container. (Amanda C)

Glue on some pressed leaves and flowers

These foliage pumpkins look delicate and stunning, and don’t go anywhere near a knife.

Stick on some patterned duct tape

This idea is quick and clever, especially with all the types of duct tape around.

Carve them with a drill

This makes carving super fun and easy, and your pumpkins will look amazing.

Mog Podge music note sheets

These pretty pumpkins put a spin on the regular white or orange ones you usually see.

Pour on glitter for some sparkle

Use some tape to get the design you want, and then add glitter for a sparkly pumpkin.

Create a mummy pumpkin with ripped strips

Rip up a old white kitchen towel and glue them on for a fun and spooky pumpkin.

Mod podge colorful fall flowers

Give your pumpkins a natural fall look with this easy and pretty idea.

Paint them with your favorite design

This Kate Spade inspired pattern makes these pumpkins look totally chic.

Push in nail heads for thin lines and designs

These copper upholstery nails were so easy to push in, and they add decor to a pumpkin in no time.

Hammer in cookie cutters for perfect shapes

This cute little hack that makes carving much easier.

Paint a sparkly chevron pattern

This pattern is sparkly and festive and will look great throughout the season.

Decoupage them with colorful napkins

Your pumpkins will look bright and beautiful with this trick.

Stick on some glitter scrapbooking decal

An easy way to add some glitter and glitz to your pumpkin.

Make a concrete pumpkin with a plastic bucket

You might want to buy a bunch of those pumpkin buckets from the Dollar Store for these!

Tap a pumpkin to make your own pumpkin keg

There's no better way to drink your juice at the Thanksgiving feast! (Courtney M)

Cover it with beans for a vibrant look

This would also be a great decor idea for Thanksgiving! (Delineate Your Dwelling)

Melt crayons over your pumpkin

Grab that incomplete pack from the junk drawer! (Bright Nest)

Paint over your pumpkins to add character

Update your boring pumpkins with a little painted pattern.

Make adorable pumpkin pine cone owls

Cover them in pine cones, leaves, and all sorts of natural accents. (Home Is Where the Boat Is)

Cover pumpkins with pretty paper napkins

Buy a pack of your favorites and then get to tearing! (Purple Hues and Me)