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Welcome to my world. I live in the worlds smallest house and it's a rental. Plus I have no money to speak of. My bathroom is ridiculously small. I hate being in there for any amount of time. I needed a vanity.
It actually started with an old mirror I found at the thrift store for $3.99. Yes!!! That is in my budget! Plus I love these old mirrors.
Next up was a trip to the Habitat ReStore. There I found an old solid wood kitchen cupboard door. It wasn't too wide. I even left the handle on it.
Now that I had my two main pieces I went to Walmart for a set of brackets that I knew they carried. I wanted this particular set because they had curled hooks on them. That is where I would be hanging my blow dryer and hand mirror from.
I also found a weird shaped hook that is normally used for hanging long curtain rods or venetian blinds from so it does not sag in the middle. But I would be screwing it into the side of the vanity and out from the wall. This is what I will be hanging my curling iron from.
At this point you might be wondering where in the world did I come up with room for a vanity. Well it is at the very end of my bed. I can sit on the end of the bed in comfort and do my hair, from blow drying to curling and styling. I have exactly 23 inches from the end of the bed to the wall. I even had room in there to put my old laundry basket. It was a curbside find that I reupholstered the old vinyl top to a pretty tapestry material. I can not believe there was even a wall plug outlet in the spot where I needed it to be. That NEVER happens!
Because it had to be a narrow shelf I added a larger silver tray to hold my hairbrushes and things I might need. Everything about this turned out to be very practical and the total cost was just under $30.00. The brackets were the most expensive at $20.00. Sometimes you do have to buy new but that is to be expected.
I use this area every single day and it has become one of my favorite areas because now I know I can sit and relax while doing one of those daily things that I hated, while standing in that tiny bathroom.

Materials used for this project:

  • Mirror   (Thrift Store)
  • Cupboard door   (Habitat ReStore)
  • Brackets   (Walmart)
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To see more: http://www.katfromthehat.com/room-organizing/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Deb
    Deb Pensacola, FL
    on Oct 13, 2016

    Good job!

  • William
    William Burbank, IL
    on Oct 13, 2016

    Great solution!

  • Lovesunique
    on Oct 13, 2016

    Hard to create space when there is no space! Love the mirror!

  • KAT
    KAT Canada
    on Oct 13, 2016

    Thank You! I love those old mirrors. If I had room I would have a gallery wall of those mirrors!

  • Rhonda S
    Rhonda S Andrews, TX
    on Oct 24, 2016

    Good use of the ornate bracket!

    • KAT
      KAT Canada
      on Oct 25, 2016

      Thank You Rhonda!

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