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Another knock off! I saw these great looking leather fringe pillows at CB2 for quite a pretty penny and considering my bedroom is (yes still) in remodel mode I thought why not make them? For a fraction of the cost I was able to make several decorative fringy leather pillows with leather left to spare! All you really need for this project is some leather and a pillow insert!
I spent half the cost of one of those pillows I saw and got not only 2 pillows out of it, but I have leather left for future projects! (or more pillows)
-Pillow Insert
-Leather Lace
-Leather Hide(s)
-Awl / Punching Tool
STEP 1: Place your pillow insert on top of your leather and prepare to cut a good inch around the perimeter. You are basically finding a place in the leather without any holes or edges that get in the way of a nice square or rectangle.
Draw a rectangle out that is an inch longer and an inch wider than the pillow insert you have chosen. For instance, my pillow was 12x16 so I cut out 13x17. You can leave yourself greater seam allowance if you wish.
Cut out the shape you just drew. Do this twice for each side of the pillow case. You can use a nice velvet for the backing if you want as well and save on the leather. I decided to make one side suede and the other "right side up" considering the leather I got was nicely sueded on one side.
STEP 2: If you want to do as I did and sew 2 pieces of leather together and IF you want one side to be suede and one standard you will want to place your pieces together "wrong side" of the leather facing "right side". If you are using a different type of fabric for the backing or want your entire pillow to be regular leather finish you will place them wrong sides together. You will sew two sides of your pillow case closed by machine. Sew the top and one side of the pillow closed. (One vertical side and one horizontal)
Leave the other 2 sides open! Do not sew them shut! You will close them up later!
*Helpful hint: When sewing leather use a basting stitch on your sewing machine and also cover your pressure foot with scotch tape so the leather slides under it more easily. Also keep an eye out for stretching.
STEP 3: Once you have sewn 2 sides trim the corners off so they will be nice and neat when turned right side out.
STEP 4: Turn the pillow case right side out being sure to poke out the corner.
Fill your case with the pillow insert by placing it in through the left open sides.
STEP 5: Clip the open sides of the pillow closed. Use an awl or a small punch of some sort (I used an eyelet tool) to punch holes through both top and bottom sides of the pillow case. Be sure to evenly space them and make them close to the pillow insert. You will want the case to fit tightly around the pillow. (I spaced mine about 3/4" from each other.)
Trim off any excess leather from beyond the holes you just punched, but make sure to leave enough on the edge that the holes are still complete circles. (I would say a good 1/4" is fine.
STEP 6: Cut your leather lace into long same length strips. Cut as many as you need for how many holes you punched on the open sides of your case. Once you have all your fringe pieces cut you will need to feed them into the punched holes. First fold the strip in half so that both cut ends meet and there is a loop in the middle. Feed the cut ends through the hole in the back panel of the pillow case and through it's matching hole in the front panel. DO NOT PULL THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH! Be sure to leave the loop rather than pulling it through the holes.
Feed the ends of the lacing through the middle loop you have created and pull tightly. Repeat this for each punched hole pulling tightly each time and in turn closing the open sides of the case.
*If you don't want to buy leather lace you can make your own small strips out of the hide you purchase or do a combo!
There are so many colors of leather you could make these to match just about any space too!
These guys look great just about anywhere... Maybe I will have to make some more for every room of the house!

Suggested materials:

  • Leather   (Ebay / Fabric Store)
  • Pillow Insert   (Wal-Mart)
  • Leather Lace   (Michael's / Or make your own!)

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