Building a Design Board/wall for Quilting, Scrapbooking, Etc.

2 Hours
I love making quilts but got tired of having them spread out on my family room floor or my bed while I decide how I want to sew the pieces together. I told my handy husband what I needed and he helped me put it together. We bought 2 8x4x1 sheets of insulation from Home Depot for $15 each. I had to trim them down to 3 ft wide to accomodate the width of the space I had available on the wall. We used spray on adhesive to attach 80/20 batting to the boards and then covered them with flannel. I wish I would have put the foil side out so that I couldn't see the writing through the batting and flannel. We mounted the boards to the wall with 1 7/8" screws and large washers. It works perfectly. Of course, I am height challenged and have to use a step ladder to reach the top.
This is my finished design wall for quilting and scrapbooking.
We sprayed on adhesive and smoothed out batting to the front of board.
We trimmed the batting on the backside around the edges to lay flat.
Then used spray adhesive to attach the batting to the back of the boards.
We then attached flannel to the boards and attached with duct tape to the back.
The boards were mounted to the wall with screws and washers. I figured I would make use of the space behind the door.

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