How to decorate this room?

Hi guys! I'm new to DIY but I love it! Anyway I just purchased my first home! I'm super excited about it, however I need some advice on how to decorate this room. I love grays and blues. This is the room that you enter into from the outside, I didn't want to put a TV in this room because I think it would take away from the fireplace. Anyone have any ideas?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 24, 2016
    Putting a TV on the big wall would so work.A tall plant in the left corner would add some character.I can picture a nice couch facing the Tv with a area rug and coffee table and a accent chair.Next to both sides of the couch end tables with soft lighting. Once your colors are decided finish with some art work based on your style.
  • Jamie Jamie on Oct 25, 2016
    CONGRATULATIONS on your new home!!!!! I'm new to DIY as well, although my hubby is addicted, I have just become very interested in all things DIY myself. We too are purchasing a house. We actually close on it Wed. morning, so, if you come across some good ideas/projects, PLEASE send em my way!!!! One thing I've noticed is that the DIY community is an INCREDIBLE group of people!!! Some of the most amazing & supportive comments!! I'm honored to be a part of it!! I'm on Pinterest under rudeawakening33................ I Wish your family, projects, & your new home all the best!! Jamie
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Oct 25, 2016
    What a beautiful room! Is this all a living room? Or is it a combination of LV and dining. I am assuming you have a TV; but, frankly, putting it over the fireplace is an eyesore. It would be the first thing that you seen when entering the room. I would make two or 3 groupings of furniture to designate different activities: TV watching, reading, homework, crafts. This looks like a large room and putting furniture against the walls would leave a lot of floor space. By putting the pieces close together you create coziness. The use of area rugs helps define these areas. Congratulations in your new home.
  • Jim L Jim L on Oct 25, 2016
    Congrats on the house! IF you do want a TV is the room, Install shelves on both sides of the fireplace (with adjustable shelves), paint them white to match the rest of the wood work. (The TV should NOT be BIG!) Get a rug that will cover a great deal of the one that is "tiny", but room size...leave about 12-14 inches of floor showing. Have the sofa in front of the window, have a chair to the left of the sofa (facing the fireplace). If you have a breakfront, put it on the wall of the archway to the dining room. If not, find a chest to go there and hang a large piece of art over it. Have a pair of occasional chairs (like dining room chairs) of each side of that. (They can be pulled up when needed for a conversation group). Put an overstuffed chair at an angle with its back to the dining-room arch with an ottoman in front of the fireplace. How about a medium-dark gray for the walls, Sherwin-Williams Dover White (semi-gloss) for all of the trim in the entire house. You could paint the ceiling a pale gold... I will be happy to help you select some coordinating fabrics for the furniture and about an oriental rug? This can be a lot of fun and remember that everything doesn't have to be done at once...
  • Jeannie Herman Jeannie Herman on Oct 25, 2016
    I would add built in's around the fireplace and two chairs facing the fireplace... Then add another sitting area around the large wall with your tv. You can always turn the two chairs to face the second sitting area if needed for additional seating. :) I also like the mirror, but would put a frame around it.
  • Sandra Sandra on Oct 25, 2016
    Jeannie is spot on but I would do away with the huge mirrow
  • Annie Annie on Oct 28, 2016
    You've gotten really good advice. Divide and conquer! If you can, try to create a foyer area with a bookcase or sofa table which will also cut on the length of the room. Be careful about the mirror. It looks like it might be mounted with adhesive. It can be removed but there might be a good bit of wall repair involved. The vintage of the room leads me to think you probably have plaster. It's just beautiful! Best wishes in your new home.
  • Mary Kinder Mary Kinder on Oct 30, 2016
    A beautiful area rug would look nice.
  • Mary Kinder Mary Kinder on Oct 30, 2016
    You could also add some floor to ceiling bookcases on either side of the fireplace.
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Oct 30, 2016
    I've always been a fan of bookcases and they are usually paired with a fireplace. Put a lamp near the bookcase for reading or just light. It could be that big mirror is there because it hides a problem area or taking down would create a big problem. You might be able to put a large print into the frame on the mirror without moving it. Put a small sofa or a couple of chairs in front of fireplace. If it doesn't have one, look for a screen and the usual fireplace tools. Decide where you want the TV because you do have a lot of space in there. TV with large sofa, couple of side chairs/recliners. Side tables with lamps. Large area rug. Near the door you may need a coat tree, bench or chair, mat for damp shoes, bucket for wet umbrellas. Possibly a small table with a couple of drawers for personal items, keys, mail drop. Assign a place for keys and keep them there to avoid the 'where are's' in morning. Almost forgot number one when moving anywhere new. Get a locksmith to come by and re-key all outside doors. They can be redone to all work on one key. Make extra set of keys and put in safe place. Really like it when cars had simple inexpensive keys. Kept a copy in my wallet so I was never again locked out. Few other thing for new home owners. Know where main water cut off is. Check if separate cut offs will turn or not. Gas anything has a cutoff attached to supply line and most have built-in auto shutoff in case pilot goes out. Do you have breakers or fuse box? If fuses be sure you have extras or get an electrician to change it. Ask if water lines are wrapped to keep from freezing in winter. Get a couple of re-chargeable flashlights for power outs. Keep lights out number on speed dial. Have battery back-ups for clocks/radios. And if you are a little bit handy get a book for basic home repairs.
  • J.s4676460 J.s4676460 on Nov 04, 2016
    I love the idea of bookcases on either side of the fireplace. Wingback chairs in front of those. area rug is a yes with a sofa opposite the fireplace with a trunk as coffee table. A sofa table is a must also.
  • Mary Kinder Mary Kinder on Nov 05, 2016
    A striking type of metal type wall hanging on the big blank wall might be a good idea. Maybe a type of sun like in the southwest in a copper or goldish color
  • Bohdanna Hansen Bohdanna Hansen on Nov 05, 2016
    Hi Gabrielle ... just came across your memo ... don't know if you have completed your project ... but I can visualize your fireplace wall being painted a rich medium charcoal grey with an opened shelf bookcase .. ceiling to floor .. on either side of your fireplace. No mirror..does not enhance anything .. but a large painting pulling in your greys/blues/greens? Two armchairs in front of the fireplace on a area rug again to pull in your greys and blues...making it a cozy reading library area. The second sitting area...I as well would put a TV on the wall of the window .... arrange an L-shaped sofa or semi circle one in front of the TV .... but pulling the sofa away from the large back wall ... so as to create a walking hallway behind the furniture on the way to the DR? entrance, You could possibly put a thin long sofa table against that wall and then possibly take the mirror .. put a wide frame around it and paint it the charcoal grey color ... but hang it width wide above the sofa table so that your room / TV / and possibly the large window would reflect in it .... giving it depth. I would paint the rest of the walls in a lighter grey with a tinge of blue moreso than yellow or green in the grey paint. I am a lady who loves her Greys / Blue / Violet / Green -- royal cool colors!! To me ... the walls / furniture / sofas would be a base color ... grey / white / ... and the WOW factor thrown in with all accents ,,, pillows / blankets / pictures / flowers etc. I think your open white bookshelves would look awesome against the dark charcoal wall!! That's it for me ... I am sure you will do a great job .... just live and love it!!
  • Gail Gail on Nov 27, 2016
    There is NO feeling like owning your own's the best! The room looks large enough to break it up into two sitting areas. Like many have said, two chairs in front of the fireplace. The other sitting area should include the sofa and loveseat or sofa and another chair. You can put a TV in the room, but i would put it in an armoire with doors to hide it when not in use. I have a smaller home with a smaller size living room, and I hate the look of a tv/stereo equipment/DVD player exposed in an otherwise beautifully decorated room. Also, gray seems to be a really popular color right now. Scour Pinterest and you will get TONS of inspiration. It's how I decorate my home; pin pics that speak to me and make me happy. I refer to them often for ideas. GOOD LUCK!!
  • Sharon Marie Doughty Sharon Marie Doughty on Nov 29, 2016
    Beautiful room and the floors are lovely , coming into this room you want to create a Wow! factor so would go with a soft blue or grey on the walls !I really don;t like the mirror over the fireplace , a nice piece of wall art or star burst oversized clock would look nice ! Fireplace needs some upgrading and stay with the white,putting book shelves on each side right to the ceiling , two chairs in front of the fireplace is a great idea creating another sitting area with chesterfield in the middle of the room faceing the fireplace as well! I would also have a long narrow table at the back of the chesterfield to highlight your decorative art pieces , love this room and all the possibility's
  • Nitalu129 Nitalu129 on Nov 30, 2016
    Shelves would detract from the focal point of the room...the fireplace. How about some wainscoting on either side of fireplace. Remove the huge mirror and replace it with a smaller framed one. On one side of the fireplace a nice accent chair that can be pulled into the room for extra seating. On the other side a large floor plant and large floor sized candle bases with Luminara candles that glow just like real candles. On either side of fireplace a couple of matching sets of artwork. This will give the entire fireplace wall a warm welcoming look that enhances the entire fireplace wall.

  • Gabrielle Gabrielle on Nov 30, 2016
    I was thinking of taking the mirror down and maybe creating a mosaic wall with golds and creams and neutral colors all the way up to the ceiling . Thoughts?
    • Annie Annie on Nov 30, 2016
      Absolutely consider tile to the ceiling! I wrote before just advising to be careful about wall damage when removing the mirror. Probably not big deal if tile in its place. The choices of tile are extensive, almost dizzying! Many here may disagree but I like it when doing such a thing considers the vintage of the house. In other words, you want it to look like an authentic part of the house. Your photos suggest
      40's to 50's to me, perhaps older. Research that. By the way, I DETEST televisions
      in a room like this. The are just plain ugly, especially over a fireplace. I came up against this in a previous home (no choice, tv had to be there) but found a solution
      i could live with. Email me and I'll send you a photo of my solution. ( I'm a big fan of eclectic decorating, but keeping the best of the home's period intact.
  • Rachael Rachael on Dec 12, 2016
    Mirrors are great for making a room lighter but i hate it over a fire place dangerous too. good luck its a nice big room

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 13, 2016
    I personally don't think that grey or blue would work because of stain on floor being warm if you have the money in you budget to redo floors then stain it a rich dark color with cool under tones. Grey and blue would look much better. Also I like the more makes room look larger. On this site you can find many safe ways to frame it, look under bathroom large mirrors. Now, because mirror is size of mantle I would add same frame style on either side of fire place so that it is equal to mantle. Since we don't know size of room or if you have only one window the other part becomes more difficult. First remember that living room and dining room must flow, that doesn't mean same wall color just color's that go together, you can have the colors you like because they match just like a pair of slacks and a top the wood floors would have to be redone in entire house as well. I would think that you want to stage the house since people walk in so go with deep grey or deep blue that you love. Then in dining room use whatever color you did choose for living room and use at least one hue lighter maybe even two,but still bold. All trim to either match floors or in a pure white in gloom finish walls in satin or egg she'll not flat ever because you can't clean it. For placement of furniture It depends on size of room. Can you have 2 seating areas or not? If yes I would place a sofa facing the fire place with two chairs opposite the dining room or facing the dining room if you could have two chairs facing each other on either side of fireplace then I would do that. On either side of fire place you can have art work that ties it all together that you love. Or on one side a table with candles and art work above it. Just try not to do matchy matchy stuff. That's old and boring. Then on large wall I would place a console and look for items of different heights to bring it together. If you do have space for seating then I would place a book case and add molding to match fireplace. Once again look on this site for money saving tips. Make sure that it is white like fire place. Place a chair facing it with a small rug and a table so that you can read. Add lighting either permanent if you can afford that or lamps on tables and floor lamps. If you have 2 windows then place a table there with a lamp just not one those cheap ugly small tables unless you paint it and leave it without tacky table cloth. Furniture can be neutral with pillows that pick up color from dining room. Bring that color in with artwork or frames or candles and throws. When you do dining room maybe add baton board painted in glossy white and just have rich opposite color on wall on top. I did mine in Baton board in 2 finishes gloss on wood and same color in satin on wall in between wood it gives it a depth to area. You can place a runner on table to bring in living room color or have chairs chairs in dining room with fabric same as sofa. Remember to go slow add only what you love and don't do a matchy matchy thing. Express yourself through this and prioritize. Don't get into debt. Do what you can, no one expects it to be done immediately especially if you just bought home. And do some work yourself if you know how to do it that's important good work. If you have to put drapery up then do so once you know color scheme. If you don't need drapes then time out the window'swith same trim of mirror in gloss white finish it makes them appear framed and ties in trim and you can just add it without removing wood trim since it would match fire place. Good luck.
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 13, 2016
    So sorry tablet has it's own brain and I have found so many type o's. Like in second sentence more instead of mirror and later on gloom and not gloss. And I meant in dining room us the other color you like just one or two hues lighter. If you have any questions just reply or email.
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