Sending out an SOS!!!

I have just bought a home..yay me!! is where I need the help of all you wonderful people! The kitchen cupboards are a very dark color (nearly a black walnut), and the counters are '70's orange (heaven help me). There are no scars on the counters, for this I am lucky and would like to paint them black marble. I can easily do this marble look, but have forgotten what to coat them with and have them be food safe. Next question: I shall prime the cupboards after degreasing, so I can paint them a crisp white (top cupboards), but want suggestion for a unique bottom cupboard look. The floor will be grey and white marble tile, fridge and stove white. I have a very nice window over the sinks, bar top to the dinette, and window by the fridge, so lighting is no problem. Okay, now the big problem: My sinks are, heaven save me, chocolate brown...eekes!!!...What is the paint called that you can do the sinks with? I thought it was porcelain paint (?). All help is greatly appreciated!! You folks are the best and I put my new home in your creative hands.
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