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Bathroom Remodel – What Are the Essentials to Consider?

Today, a bathroom is much more than a private space, deserving (and receiving) as much attention as the rest of your home. Interior designers, architects and builders have become proficient at creating elegant and super-stylish bathrooms for a wide range of spaces.
bathroom remodel what are the essentials to consider , bathroom ideas, home improvement
In homes, offices, hotels and restaurants all over the world, bathroom remodel projects have become a style statement, as important as the design and décor in any other room!
Why Remodel Your Bathroom?
In case you haven’t yet picked up an interior design magazine and started daydreaming about the beautiful bathroom you could have in your home, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, it’s not just about the visual appeal of this often-neglected space.
In fact, there are some very practical reasons for a bathroom remodel. Let’s look at the top 3 reasons below:
1. It helps you tackle existing issues – If you’ve got a leaky sink, dripping taps or outdated fixtures, remodeling the bathroom lets you tackle these issues and opt for more water-efficient and eco-friendly replacements for existing features.
2. It allows you to build the perfect escape – Life can get hectic, and relaxing in the bathtub or taking a long shower is a great way to de-stress. If your bathroom design is more inviting, cozy and restful, it’s guaranteed to act as a therapeutic release.
3. It solves the needs of a growing family – After you get married or as your kids grow older, you’ll need more space to cater to their needs. With a remodel, you can improve storage, closets and lighting, or even extend the bathroom’s size.
If those weren’t enough reasons for you, consider how a beautiful and well-functioning bathroom could enhance the resale value of your home!
Top 5 Features to Consider while Remodeling Your Bathroom
When you’re taking on a bathroom remodel project, there are a few basic features that you need to address:
1. Toilets and Sinks – These go hand-in-hand, forming the core elements of any bathroom (even a half-bath with no bathing area). Classic porcelain or ceramic in neutral hues will complement any wall or floor design, and picking out contemporary water-efficient toilets can drastically cut down water wastage. Pick the correct size to make the most of available space too.
2. Countertops and Fittings – Every bathroom design needs to include some open space where you and your family (or guests) can place appliances, beauty products or other bathroom essentials for easy access. Set off a gorgeous marble countertop with bright chrome faucets and fittings, and make sure you invest in high-quality products that are easy to maintain and will last for years.
bathroom remodel what are the essentials to consider , bathroom ideas, home improvement
3. Storage Space – Bathrooms need efficient and well-designed storage for all kinds of basic items – right from towels and robes to shampoo, medicines and toilet paper. Use open shelving for toiletries, install a towel rack to keep linen organized, and build closed cabinets under the sink for cleaning supplies. A few extra hooks installed on the wall or door will also increase convenience many times over!
4. Lighting and Mirrors – Some of the best small bathroom ideas use smart lighting to enhance functionality and create the illusion of more space. Consider installing both task-oriented and decorative lights, which can provide bright illumination or a soothing atmosphere as per your needs. Look for large mirrors that match the lighting fixtures for a finished look, and to visually extend the space too.
5. Showers and Tubs – While you may want to install a bathtub, consider whether an enclosed shower unit would be better instead. Modern showers are available in various designs, sizes and shapes, and often include extra-large shower heads, body jets and other luxurious features. You could also install a shower-plus-tub design, especially if you have limited space in the bathing area.
bathroom remodel what are the essentials to consider , bathroom ideas, home improvement
Other than a reputable builder or contractor to handle your bathroom remodel, hiring a sourcing agent could be the best move you make. For instance, a China sourcing agent can help you buy high-end bathroom and home accessories at a fraction of local retail prices, by procuring them from a low-cost market, so make sure you explore all your options!

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