Shoe Box Storage

I have been using shoe boxes for storage for a long time but last week looked at them and thought "ugly"
So I decided it was mod podge time!
I have a ton of shoe boxes and many are in use, for seeds, old letters and cards from my Mom, Dad, and sister who are no longer alive and letters from my brother.
So I emptied out one - not the one shown above - one of my husbands his size 13.5 feet make great storage boxes.
I wanted a vintage design so went online and searched vintage papers, and printed out 8 pages of various designs.
I started gluing ( with mod-podge) the paper I liked onto the box. and kept going until it was covered
When the outside was done, I did the inside too, I think next time I will start with the inside.
then I also did the bottom. and I let the whole thing dry.
I decided I did not want the box to ever stay a bit open, and so I took a free magnet - the kind that real companies give you for your fridge and cut 2 rectangles about the same size
Then I glued them to the outside of the box and the inside of the lid
and covered the magnets with paper
and as per my usual, so the whole thing will be easy to wipe and clean, I put on a coat of polycrylic,
I like them because they do not open when I tip them, the magnets are not strong, but they are strong enough to keep them closed!

Suggested materials:

  • Paper printed with a design you like
  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrush to apply mod podge and polycrylic
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  • Patio200
    on Nov 1, 2016

    inside looks a little messy, how would you make it neater? otherwise cute idea.

    • Melody
      on May 3, 2019

      I think the box is beautiful and unique- however if you wanted to change the inside get creative and cut a piece of cardboard and cover it with felt or strong scrapbooking paper- all kinds of things you can do. I don’t think everyone’s will come out the same so add your own thing to a great idea . Thank you for sharing this creative and repurposing idea to us all. <

  • Leth Bridge
    on Dec 7, 2016

    What a great idea! Regretting I got rid of shoe boxes I had. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Teresa
      on Dec 7, 2016

      I have also used Tetley tea boxes, and any box with a hinged lid, so if you have something like that.. Thank you very much!!

  • Kelly Breitenwischer
    on Apr 17, 2017

    Do you put anything on it as protection so it doesn't wear/rub off?

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  • Marie
    on May 1, 2018

    Great idea as i have a very small apartment 👍👍

  • Pmr12904326
    on May 28, 2018

    I used some old shoe boxes, put left over contact paper on the outside and now I store my CD's and DVD's in them.

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