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Kitchen & Dining Room Wall Removed

We did it! We finished the kitchen and dining room wall removal project. I have shared multiple dining room posts as the dining room transformed from when we first purchased this home. Just picture dark walls and furniture. The adjacent room is the kitchen.
Time: 4 Days Cost: $600 Difficulty: Medium
Here's the before of the dining room :
Here is the kitchen side of the wall.
Note: Before we knocked out the wall we relocated any and all items in the cabinets surrounding the microwave. In the short term, we moved the microwave into the pantry. That was a bit of challenge so for the short term the microwave is on a counter. Here are the mechanics we had to work around. A plumber and electrician moved the pipes and installed an "up to code" outlet since we tore out half the wall. For both contractors we paid roughly $300 total.
Extending the arch became a large part of this project. With several arches on the main level we decided it was worth finding a solution to extend the arch over the new kitchen and dining wall.But when we decided we wanted an arched wall where there was currently 90 degree angles, my husband did a quick Google search and found a company that takes simple measurements and creates an light weight mdf archway template for an easy to install and add drywall frame. It was the finishing touch on a project that made a dramatic change to our main floor dining room and kitchen.
More details and resources on the blog.

To see more: http://notatrophywife.com/2017/06/how-to-remove-wall/

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