Shut the Front Door! These Decorating Techniques Are Stunning!

You'll be surprised at how they make these stunning pieces.

By Hometalk Highlights

Use old denim pants for a cool print

These night tables have never been cooler.

Transform a boring chair with a stencil

This gorgeous Ikat stencil turned this boring chair into a beautiful piece.

Create a Mexican blanket look

This colorful style is so gorgeous, who wouldn’t want something like this?

Make it look like a gem with splatter paint

We still can’t believe how stunning the top of this dresser looks.

Paint a doily shape to make it pop

We love how she made the pattern underneath stand out with some stripes.

Use a rolling stamp to create unique designs

We love the pattern on this fabric and now it transformed this piano bench.

Stencil a table with Mexican Talavera tile

This gorgeous and intricate pattern is easy to achieve with a stencil.

Use painter’s tape for geometric lines

With contrasting colors, this design can really make your piece of furniture pop.

Trace your favorite picture onto a table top

This is great for any queen of hearts fan.

Ombre it by slowly adding white

Each shelf in the dresser got a lighter shade until the whole thing had a completed look.