Painting laminate cabinets

The laminate has peeled off cabinet faces in laundry room. Do you think I could rip it off and paint them? Anyone know what is underneath? Do you think the wood underneath rotted? is the laminate holding it all together?
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  • Rosalee Chapin Anderson Rosalee Chapin Anderson on Oct 27, 2016
    I would also like to know, mine in the kitchen, bathrooms are peeling, would like to paint.
  • DP DP on Oct 27, 2016
    I don't know if they would peal? I would maybe try to sand them a little and use a wood filler for any cracks then paint?
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Oct 27, 2016
    Do not peel. It is likely a composite beneath and it will come off in chunks. Try and inject a gorilla glue or construction adhesive under the lifted panel section and hold down with weighted item until set. Fill cracks with a putty or compound, sand, clean, prep surface, and paint.
    • Sandi Sandi on Oct 27, 2016
      I was worried about what was underneath. I will try to reglue and perhaps roll it (without paint) while the glue sets.
  • William William on Oct 27, 2016
    It appears that the adhesive has failed and the laminate is separating/cracking from the substrate. The substrate can be two things: Particleboard or MDF (medium density fiberboard). With the laminate bubbling like in the video, you can't just paint over it. Even trying to remove it, you may not get all of it off. WHAT I WOULD DO: Take a razor knife (box cutter) with a sharp blade. Score around the loose laminate - VERY CAREFULLY - and remove it. Hopefully the substrate is in good condition. Leave any laminate that cannot or won't come off. Sand the edges of the laminate that did not come off to smooth them level with the substrate. Then I would lightly sand the the whole doors, prime with KILZ, BIN, or Zinsser primer. Then paint the doors and seal with a water base polyurethane. Otherwise I would check the big box stores for replacement doors. Take good measurements.
  • Evelyn Sanders Evelyn Sanders on Oct 27, 2016
    How to redo cheep cabinets, there like a fiber board
  • Joanne Hunter Joanne Hunter on Oct 27, 2016
    Recently bought a Mobile home with same issues . . . I did a little research try reading articles at and
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    • Joanne Hunter Joanne Hunter on Oct 29, 2016
      Hi Sandi, what is underneath is press board I have areas on my cupboards that are bubbled up like the one shown in video and it got worst during humid weather not to mention the cabinet is under dishwasher. I haven't painted just yet I'd like to try and remove one and see if i like the look. Years ago I did a shelf > peeled the top layer and in certain areas it was tacky so I sprinkled with cornstarch then hit it with sand paper. Filled holes stained and it was good to go for shelving
  • Ljs9482874 Ljs9482874 on Oct 28, 2016
    Use chalk paint
  • Mamabear318 Mamabear318 on Oct 28, 2016
    I recently updated my melamine laundry room cabinets. Probably pressed board underneath. Sand off any place that is flaking or coming loose. and fill and repair as necessary Use a high quality bonding primer like "Gripper". sand the primer smooth then paint with a high quality cabinet paint. Lowes has an oil based paint that cleans up with soap and water. our cabinets were just plan and we added the dimension to achieve the shaker look with 1/4 inch mdf. Good luck
  • Amber Perry Shank Amber Perry Shank on Oct 28, 2016
    How bout
    • Sandi Sandi on Oct 28, 2016
      oh that is cool looking but I think the wood underneath is beveled like the cabinet and it wouldn't smooth over nicely.
  • Susan Harris Seeley Susan Harris Seeley on Oct 28, 2016
    At this point you can't hurt them, try using a hot iron, (with a cloth over it) to see if it will melt the glue under the laminate and make it adhere again. Or you could replace the cabinet doors. Try Habitat for Humanity, they get donations of cabinets and other great stuff. It will be fiberboard underneath the laminate.
  • Janet Totin Janet Totin on Oct 28, 2016
    We pulled off our laminate sanded and use chalk paint bit there is a wealth of paint choices out there. Wax or poly after. It was pressed board but there are clean and neat now Go for it
  • Sandra Webster Sandra Webster on Oct 28, 2016
    In a previous home we owned, I peeled mine off as well and painted black with a satin finish. Loved them!
  • Marty Marty on Oct 28, 2016
    You can carefully remove the plastic laminate underneath is most likely what the call mdf light sand the door and promising it's possible spray paint it .it comes out much smoother
  • Patricia Prinkey Patricia Prinkey on Oct 28, 2016
    If you decide to paint the doors after getting laminate off (use hairblower to melt hard spots), please use a paint roller not a brush...nicer even finish.
  • Amber Perry Shank Amber Perry Shank on Oct 28, 2016
    the film can be used right over the top, and install with a blow dryer or heat shrink it right over the beveled edges
  • Debbie Hilton Debbie Hilton on Oct 28, 2016
    I Pulled the Laminate off my sewing table and sanded a little added primer and painted with high grade paint using a sponge roller and sponge brush. It is pretty .
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Oct 28, 2016
    i ASSUME i HAVE TAKE THE DOORS OFF TO PAINT? I wold like to paint the doors a darker color and the cabinets white since they do not get touched as much so do not get as many finger prints. Walls are all white so white on cabinets.
  • Pallet Man Pallet Man on Oct 28, 2016
    Google Thermofoil cabinet doors. You will find you can replace individual doors at affordable prices.
  • Jaime Ballestero Jaime Ballestero on Oct 28, 2016
    I am a supplier of cabinets and countertops. Those doors are what we call "thermo foil" doors. It is a thin material thermally fused to MDF, medium density fiberboard. It would be wise to inspect the board to make sure there is no water damage. Them do some light sanding by hand, and use a paint with primer too create the look you want.
  • Crgncg Crgncg on Oct 28, 2016
    This just happened on a vanity I am redoing, I was able to just peel off, prime and paint. The new finish looks perfect.
  • Rae Fournier-Sorensen Rae Fournier-Sorensen on Oct 29, 2016
    I would get wallpaper that you can paint. my daughter did this in her aundry room wallpaper had a design called wainscoting. it looks very nice.
  • Mamabear318 Mamabear318 on Apr 29, 2017
    i totally reworked laundry cabinets. if you can sand damaged area smooth you are good to go. if it is too deep you can fill small "dents" Prime (I like "GRIP" from Home Depot) with a binding primer. I got the best finish using paint especially formulated for cabinets using a small roller and brush. They look brand new. Good luck
  • Yvonne Yvonne on Apr 29, 2017
    The cabinets are made of MDF covered with a pvc like material. They are fused together with heat and when they are exposed to heat they will come apart. You can paint MDF.
  • Patricia Fullagar Patricia Fullagar on Mar 10, 2018
    Most are particle board.

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