Dye your plain lamps with a fun color

These turquoise pendant lamps look new new and chic with this easy homemade dye.

Cover it up with painted fabric

This sea-glass inspired lamp shade is simple to do, and made this boring lamp fabulous.

Create a raised textured design

Give your plain lamp some dimension with this gorgeous design.

Give it a rusted outdoor look with twigs

Collect a bunch in your backyard and then glue them on for a woods-inspired lamp.

Cover it with sisal rope

Get a nautical look with this simple idea to give your boring lamp shade some love.

Replace it with a new shape

This old lamp got a modern look with it’s painted base and slick lamp shade.

Paint it with stripes

Yes, it's that simple to revamp your boring lamp shade.

Draw your own pattern on it

Buying new laps are expensive. Make your old ones totally designer worthy with a sharpie!

Make it look like a bucket full of roses

This cute tutorial recycles old magazines into a romantic lamp shade.

Wrap your favorite fabric around the frame

With this hack you can get a designer looking shade that originally cost $5.

Or turn it into a pleated lamp shade

This is so simple that all you need to know is how to use a glue gun.

Stencil it for a unique design

It’s an easy and fun way to spice up your lamp shade with some chalk paint.

Paint the base in a new color

Sometimes you don’t need to fix the lampshade, but rather the base of the lamp to make it work.