How To Make A Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Wine bottles are beautiful and sturdy. Here are steps to transform your favorite wine bottle into a fun and functional wind chime for your home.

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Collect your materials. You will need:
An empty glass wine bottle
A wet saw (a glass saw or a tile saw with a glass blade)
Polishing tools or sandpaper (various grits)
A drill
A 1.25 inch wooden ball
A 2 inch wooden heart
3 small screw eyes
Metal chain
2 key rings
A metal clip
Pliers (or any other tool to open up the chain links)
Using a glass saw or a tile saw with a glass blade, cut the bottom of your wine bottle. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Rotate your bottle so the blade evenly cuts all around the bottle. Keep your bottle wet, and take your time. This will reduce chips and lower your chances of cracking the bottle.
After cutting your bottle, you will want to remove any chips around the bottom. We have equipment to do this at Groovy Green. We polish the glass using various grits of diamond polishers. However, you can always use sandpaper in various grits to help make rough spots smoother. Just like smoothing wood, start with a coarse grit and move slowly to a finer grit.

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After you have your bottle cut and smoothed, you will begin work on your wooden pieces. Drill a hole on both ends of your wooden ball. Drill a hole in your wooden heart.
Wash the debris from your bottle and remove the label.
Connect the wooden pieces together with screw eyes and metal chain. Then connect your wind catch (wooden pieces) to your key rings with metal chain that is the length of the bottle. Add some additional metal chain to the top of your key ring to allow the bottle to hang. Once all the pieces are connected, hang and enjoy.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Wine Bottle