Finally Started Making My Plate Flowers and Glass Towers.....what FUN!

All the many trips to yard sales and thrift stores are finally paying off! Thanks to all of you who gave such great tips for making flowers and towers...they sure helped me out a LOT!!! Can't wait to make more!
I am drilling, gluing and using screws all the way thru so they should stay together!
A really colorful & whimsical flower!
Added some glass beads for extra color.
Love this one!
Pretty Pretty!!!
My 1st glass totem.I used GE Silicone,but found out it does NOT dry clear,so I switched to Plumbers GOOP and is clear,water proof and strong!Top piece looks off center,but it's a triangle cobalt bottle & looks straight from the front.
My 2nd totem. This one is one rebar in the garden, but took it inside for another purpose....
Turn it upside down and use it inside as a dessert tray.
Close up of bottom.
Top of totem.
My latest flower plate. Love the vivid colors!
Used the flattened spoon method to hang this plate & it's much easier & faster than the bell. I glued with Plumbers GOOP & put screw thru front plate then thru spoon with nut attached.
Bent spoon handle slips thru copper or conduit pipe. Can be easily taken in during harsh winters or storms.
Snowflake Christmas Plate
Another snowflake plate flower
Just finished this pretty blue flower it!!
Close up shows the center rose in a beautiful dark blue. Hoping I can find more of these!
One of my yellow and blue combos.
Burgundy & white...made several different combos with this pretty back plate.
Close up.
Black and pinks....beautiful!
Side view.
Love these lacy white plates. Hope I can find more!
Found 3 of these beautiful rose plates. Looking for more.
Center flowers.
One of my favorite new plates!
Beautiful bold but soft colors.
Blue Onion flower plate.
Close up.
Side view.
Another yellow & blue combo.
Beautiful and bright!
Blue and pink.
Close up.
Another burgundy combo.
Close up.
This one really sparkles in the sun!
Close up.
Made some smaller plates that can be used in pot plates.
Can also use then in a pot in the kitchen...where better to use plate flowers!
Love this navy & red plate. Wish I could find more like this!
Also cute in pot plants.

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