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Natural Pine Cone Wreath

This is a basic, natural, Pine cone wreath with endless possibilities. When it is finished, you can leave it natural or add a bow, dried flowers, silk flowers, etc.

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This wreath is made with three kinds of cones (use whatever kind you wish) with many of them upside-down to show the pretty pattern underneath for a unique look. Once you have all your Pine cones and other items ready to go, it will take over 2 hours to put together. This one is done on a round 12-inch wire wreath form (Panacea), but you can also get different shapes and sizes (heart, square, diamond).
I double wire all the cones that are on the outside edge and inside edge for more stability. Run a wire around the bottom of the cone (or top), under the scales, and another from the other side and then twist them together underneath the wire wreath form, across two of the wreath form wires.
I twist them together with my fingers up against the bottom of the wreath but then pull gently on them with pliers while twisting to make sure they are secured tightly. Cut off the excess length and bend the wires under so they don't stick out.

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When the wreath form is full (two rows of cones all around), I add small cones in between the rows, in the middle, just to fill in any gaps. Embellish as you wish. Enjoy!

Materials used for this project:

  • Wire Wreath Form
  • Pine cones
  • Wire
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