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DIY Fountain

8 Materials

I fell in love with this fountain (last Photo), but at over $300.00 after shipping I decided to make my own version using mostly items I had on hand.
- Glass , Plastic, Ceramic or Metal Vase
- Glass/ Plastic, Ceramic or Metal basin
- Silicone (waterproof indoor/outdoor clear) or E6000 glue
- Tabletop Fountain Pump
- Metal or Plastic raised leg candlestick holder Magic Marker *Sophisticated Finishes –metal paint (I used Copper on vase and appliques for bowl and Blonde Bronze on bowl)
- Black flat spray paint (For metal or plastic)
- Spray indoor/outdoor gloss sealer (or Sophisticated Finishes Sealer)
- Dremel or Rotary Tool, Diamond Bit and basic Metal bit.
- Safety Glasses
- Foam and craft paint brushes
- Mosaic Tiles
- Seed Beads
- Mosaic Grout
- Mosaic Grout Sealer
- Wood Appliques (I painted and silicone to bowl edge)
- Pebbles
OPTIONAL TOOLS (for Mosaic):
- Toothpicks
- Tweezers
- Grout Float
- Tile scorer and Cutter (note I used Pliers to snap apart)
To make Fountain I used a glass vase, copper candlestick holder and a metal bowl that I had on hand.
My completed Fountain.
My completed Fountain.
Step 1. Use magic marker to trace pump hose diameter in center on bottom of vase and bottom of candlestick holder.
Step 2. Using rotary tool and glass bit slowly, applying gentle even pressure drill out hole in vase for pump hose (pour water over bit and vase every 5 minutes or so to keep bit from overheating and glass from shattering.
Steps 1 and 2 complete.  Ready for Step 4.
Steps 1 and 2 complete. Ready for Step 4.
Step 3. Use rotary tool and metal bit to drill hole in candlestick holder for tubing to feed through.
Step 4 .Wash and dry thoroughly.
Step 3 complete
Step 3 complete
Step 5. Base paint vase and bowl with black spray paint (paint bowl inside and out)
Step 6 Using foam or good brush apply Sophisticated Finishes to vase and bowl (again paint bowl inside and out), let dry 1 hr. then apply a second coat
At this point you can do a mosaic design on front of vase and bowl if desired or skip ahead to steps 7 thru 12.
Step 5 complete.
Step 5 complete.
Step 6 complete.
Step 6 complete.
-- here is link where I got the bead and mosaic tile idea from . Full instructions there.
Mosaic step 1 complete. Go to link if would like better mosaic instructions.
Mosaic step 1 complete. Go to link if would like better mosaic instructions.
(I used old mirror tiled Christmas ornaments had on hand --one’s where most tiles were coming off.
I raided my seed bead stash, but you can use old pieces of beaded jewelry, Or you can use seed bead jewelry from Thrift store, just cut apart to get beads.)
Step 1. Draw (or trace) design with magic marker on vase.
Step 2. Using silicone and a toothpick lay down silicone a 1/2 an inch at a time on outline. Use tweezers to place and slightly space seed beads, gently press beads into glue. After silicone dries check beads to make sure firmly on, re-glue any loose ones.
Step. 3. For fill in break or cut tiles to fit in areas, lay down silicone and place tiles and beads into background with tweezers,gently pressing into glue. Again after glue has dried check they are securely in and re-glue any loose one’s.
Step 4. Apply Mosaic grout per instructions on product.
Step 5. After grout has dried 24 hours apply grout sealer (2 coats)
Mosaic Steps 2 thru 5 complete.  And Finishing Fountain Step 7 complete.
Mosaic Steps 2 thru 5 complete. And Finishing Fountain Step 7 complete.
Finishing fountain
Step 7. Apply spray gloss sealer to vase, bowl (again inside and out on bowl) and candlestick holder, let dry.
Step 8. Apply a generous layer of silicone to rim of candlestick holder and press firmly into vase, make sure vase is straight and leave to dry.
Step. 8
Step. 8
Step 9. Feed pump tubing through vase.(do not cut tubing yet)
Steps 8 thru 11. complete.
Steps 8 thru 11. complete.
Step 10. Place pump under candlestick in bowl attach to hose and cut hose to correct length at top.
Step 11. I poured pebbles in to help hide pump.
Step 12. Fill bowl with water to cover pump, plug in and enjoy.
Inspiration piece I loosely based my fountain on.
Inspiration piece I loosely based my fountain on.
This was a first for me all the way around, 1st time to cut glass, make a fountain and to do Mosaic work. And my 1st DIY Tutorial. (Sorry if was too wordy or needed more in progress pictures)
Very Happy with the way it turned out.
(I purchased the pump for 17.00 from Lowes, pebbles (2 bags) from Dollar store and the Mosaic Grout and Sealer from Hobby Lobby for 6.00 ea.. So my total cost was $31.00. Everything else I had on hand and I will be using the pump for my holiday fountains also.
· * Sophisticated Finishes is the key to getting a realistic metal finish. It is not so much a paint but finely ground metal in a bonder ( ie. copper or whatever metal finish using)
· * Sealer is important unless you want your fountain to age being in water, as the metal “paint” will react and age with exposure to water just like an actual piece of metal.
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  • KD Redlowske
    on May 1, 2018

    It is beautiful, even better than the inspiration piece. My three Questions, did you put those seed beads on one at a time? How long did it take if you did? And, did you have any kids, cats, or dogs pestering you during that time?, lol.

    • Cynthia E
      on May 3, 2018

      TY so very much :) The seed beads the outlines and any areas I wanted to follow a certain curve or shape yes using tweezers I laid and spaced them 1 at time. In other areas inside the outline I would just drop the beads onto area prefilled with the glue, with tweezers made sure the were all lying lengthwise and just filled in any huge areas which were very few that were missing beads with the tweezers. Outlining the design and then filling in the area in center where I used only tweezers took the longest (it has been so long since I made this I honestly do not remember exactly how long it took sorry. But after doing other projects (another fountain and head planters ) that depending on the size of the mosaic design and size of the seed beads you use using tweezers can take 1-4 + hours. And most of that time is spent laying small lengths of glue putting beads on and waiting for it to dry so you can move on to the fill in areas. I did learn 2 shortcuts to this - 1. use E6000 that comes with the jewelry tip applicators MUCH faster and easier than spreading it with toothpicks and much less waste. 2. string your beads on thread first. To do it this way string the beads on sewing thread just make sure at the end by knot take larger bead,, run the thread like sewing a button back and forth around bead 3-4 times (it as a stop bead so your beads do not slide off ) ; then in longer sections (whatever length you feel comfy that you can apply glue and lay the beads and give a tad bit of spacing too before glue) lay a thin line of the glue I wouldn't go over 4-6". Take you bead string lay the stop bead well below the start of the glue and slide your first bead up string approx. an inch lay the first bead at starting point of glue line and like you are outlining with yarn lay the bead on thread down the glue line (use tweezers if you need to add more or less space between. When you reach the end of glue lay more glue and continue around. . When you are done or if need to string more beads, cut the stop bead off and if glue is not dry gently pull thread out at the opposite end. LOL as to kids interrupting I had 2 teenagers who never had an emergency or wanted or as they put it "HAD" to talk to me right that second it could not wait unless I was in the middle of a project or on the phone-- (sound familiar?) and to pets 9 small inside dogs . So YES PLENTY of pester's :)

    • 😂so in about 15 years I'll be able to try this!

    • Cynthia E
      on May 4, 2018

      I just turned on the Mom I can block out your noise function of my brain lol.

  • Rusted Angel
    on May 4, 2018

    I have a few hurricane lamp glass parts. I was thinking I could use those but I am not sure what I would use at the top where the water comes out to make the opening smaller and to hold the tube/pipe in the middle. I thought about cork but I don't know if that would last very long or if I could find the right size. Any ideas?

    • Cynthia E
      on May 4, 2018

      Are you thinking about using the shade or base part of the hurricane lamps or both? Because each one would take variations on possible materials you could use. By the way Very cool idea to use them!!!!!

    • Terry
      on Jun 13, 2018

      Hi, Maybe a plate/tin/pretty saucer,slate, sz? with a hole or drill one in the middle? I'm trying to put one together with "stuff" too. Good luck

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  • Sheri Farley
    on Jul 13, 2018

    I sure will! You can actually make anything into a water feature as long as it holds water!

  • Joni
    on Dec 14, 2018

    Hi, I really loved your water feature and your tutorial, the way you explained each step made it easy to understand, thank you. I would love to try something similar one day And I will have another reason now for digging around in the charity shops, looking for the perfect pieces that will end up as my own water feature. Thank you again you are an inspiration. Joni

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