How to Build an Art Mold Out of Everyday Products

Here at Backwater Studio, I often find items on the beach or yardsales that I want to include in an art product. This system is quick to implement and the cost is very low.
All you need is scrap plywood, 1" x 1" wood, clay, Plaster of Paris, hammer, nails, olive oil, knife, rolling pin
Finish product sanded, painted and placed on backboard.
The frame can be very simple but make the parts removable for easy removal of the finished piece. Treat all the pieces with cooking oil so they do not stick to the clay
In this case I used a crab - which I pre-froze before pressing into the re rolled clay (I use a rolling pin). Once in the mold - I cut the outside edges to place the "sticks" that will hold the plaster in place.
I put in the outside sticks to hold the plaster when I pour it. Remember to "tap" the entire mold after you pour to remove any air bubbles.
When the plaster is dry, carefully remove the sticks and "roll" the clay off the object and, if you are lucky, you can use it again 2-5 times.
Remove the plaster mold of the object - sand and paint
Object painted.....
You can use everyday yard items to create great art pieces. I paint mine with polycrylic when I am done to protect them from the weather.

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