Here's Why You Should Be Buying Extra Rolls of Plastic Wrap

You're going to want to stock up on plastic wrap after seeing these ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

It can strip wood back to its original state

Move over orbital sander, this trick barely uses any elbow grease.

It can trap fruit flies for you

Just lay it over a bowl full of red wine and your fruit fly problem will disappear.

It helps clean hard water spots

Pour over vinegar and then wrap it in plastic wrap for an easy and spotless solution.

It can save you cleaning your paint brush

Wrap your brush in saran wrap and put it in the fridge to prevent the paint from drying.

It makes sure everything sticks together

To ensure the patterned tissue stuck to her box, this hometalker wrapped it in saran wrap.

And also prevents things from sticking

Keep your cooking bowl clean while making this cute jute rope decorative bowl.

It prevents leaking

Place it under caps to prevent leaking when packing or moving.

It helps spread modeling paste without a mess

Grab a small piece and use it without getting your hand dirty.

It can help decorate any piece of furniture

If you’re a fan of Unicorn Spit, this technique is a great one.

It keeps your food nicely wrapped

And helps you make these yummy smelling ornaments.

It prevents wrinkles with decoupage

Use this method to get perfectly decoupaged pumpkins.