What is the best way to locate and fix an electrical short

I think the short may be in the ceiling box where I just hung a new ceiling fan
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  • LandlightS LandlightS on Oct 18, 2013
    A little more information......what happens when you flip the circuit or turn on the wall switch? Check carefully that you did not crimp the hot (black or red) wire with the ceiling fan bracket or canopy cover. Does the power come from the switch box or into the ceiling box? Sorry, but we really need more information. Gary
  • This just happened after you put up the new ceiling fan? If that is the case, then you might not have tightened the wires correctly and they came loose. Start with taking the ceiling fan "down" and reconnecting the wires. Before putting the ceiling fan back together while it is hanging there, turn on the power and see if it works. That is where I would start.
  • A. C. Electrical A. C. Electrical on Oct 20, 2013
    Don't waste space slamming that remote in there use a switch instead. If there is none just find the room border of your walls by finding the top plate in your attic or same for but opposite for crawl space. The top stud that should be visible in most cases from attic as a 2 by 4 laying flat at the top of where your wall would be. There should be holes for other circuits you might be able to slide a 14-3 in there if not Try to make sure use a site that is unlikely to contain other gear if possible close to the door without invading the door frame.<Stud finder> Drill down a a site by measure estimation of use 16 stud interval if your house is built right. Try to confirm your pattern by using a stud finder. If you want to be safe.Drill down< up if crawl space> at a strait 90 degrees at what you estimate to be the middle of the target bay with at least a 1/2 inch auger bit very long. Cut in the new bay site with a key hole saw and use and old work box witch you should pay close attention to how it sits to trace and cut pattern. pull wire threw install on both top and bottom box. Use the black as a hot from the ceiling and use red and white with a peace of tape on it to identify it hot to control fan and light. I usually use white as light and red for fan. make sure to ground all ground conductors on all provided grounds.
  • A "short" will trip a breaker a loose connection wont allow the fan to work.If its a short you will probably see a burn mark or bright copper. If its a loose connection, pull on your wire connectors and see if a wire comes out. Another cause is improper connection, white to white, copper or green to green colors separate if switched blue to red and black to black is common
  • LandlightS LandlightS on Oct 22, 2013
    Jim...were you able to fix the "short"....if not shot me a message at landlights@gmail.com. I live in Roswell, so maybe I can be of help. Gary
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