Retro 1950's Garden Table Makeover

I bought this garden table on ebay for about $30 with the idea of making it over to match the bench I had already bought and made over some months ago. I stripped the paint from the wood slats using a heat gun and scraper only to find a nasty pink undercoat beneath the paint. So a second go with the heat gun and that is now gone. I have applied two coats of an oil based primer after sanding the wood and am finding that there is still some bleed through causing a pinkish tinge to the primer. Even after two coats. I asked in the hardware store and they said either to buy a stain blocker and try that or leave the table to 'cure' for a week and see if the pink tinge dies down a bit. Given that the stain blocker cost $40, I am going to leave it for a week and then give it another coat of primer and just paint over it. Fingers crossed! I sanded the metal base and have given that a coat of rust converter - probably did not need it but I had some rust converter left over from another project and thought it will at least catch any really rusty spots and stop them from getting any worse! Then a coat of a rust killing primer over that. The frame is now khaki green. I am going to paint it 'delicious red'. I have the red, green and yellow paint left over from the bench project, so hopefully I will have a matching bench and table by the end of it!

Update - just in case this has happened to you when you have primed something and the primer/undercoat discolours - mine went pinkish. The hardware guy was right! Leave it for a week to 'cure' before trying to paint it with your topcoat. It is looking whiter already and now ready for some topcoat paint. Phew, I thought I would have a nasty pink tinge to my colour scheme, but seems not and I did not have to throw any more cash at it to buy a stain blocker - Yay! The frame is now painted deep red and I am starting on the slats topcoat, starting with the red to every third slat. Once that is all dried and cured, I will be able to mask that off using tape and start on the yellow slats. Starting to take shape nicely!

All finished! Ta - daaaah!
Finally finished - colours may be a little strong in this shot due to the flash - it now matches the bench in last photo
Removing the old paint using a heat gun. The undercoat seems to have turned pink -some sort of bleed through
The bench that I wanted to paint the table to match

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