Grab an Old Basket for These Clever Household Ideas

If you've got a basket lying around, you're gonna want to take a look at these.

By Hometalk Highlights

Use it as a light fixture

This would look great in any farmhouse kitchen.

Stack it into a fall centerpiece

Baskets make the perfect centerpiece to fill with oranges and pine cones.

Paint it for a bathroom toilet paper holder

This rope-wrapped and painted basket makes toilet paper look good.

Or turn it into a bathroom shelf

Your toilet paper will look even cooler sitting in a basket shelf on the wall.

Stack them into a pumpkin topiary

If you’ve got a bunch of mini pumpkins, this is a good way to display them without much hassle.

Turn it into a pretty planter

Who knew baskets looked so pretty with flowers in them?

Paint it for a splash of color

You can keep it on a table or hang it for gorgeous wall decor.

Dismantle them into wall decor

Take apart fruit baskets and turn them into a beautiful wood chrysanthemum.

Upcycle it into a gorgeous wreath

No need for a wreath form when you already have a wicker basket.

Use it as a base for a coffee table

This old wine barrel basket turned into a rustic and charming coffee table.

Turn it into a unique pendant lamp shade

We never thought a basket could look this good.

Use it as a Christmas tree basket

Your Christmas tree will never look better.

Decoupage it into a new basket

Give your basket a new look with simple decoupage.