11 Genius Ways to Transform Your Ugly Blinds

If you're not a fan of your blinds, you're going to want to take a look at these ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

Stencil them with bright colors

These blinds got a total makeover with this simple process.

Shorten them to fit your window length

Nothing is more annoying than when the overflow of blinds fall down.

Repaint them for a fresh feel

Your blinds will look like you just installed them.

Revamp your boring vertical blinds with paint

These blinds look totally different with a gold a silver vertical stencil.

Layer on a lace pattern for a delicate feel

This is actually done with spray paint, but it looks like lace was hand-painted on.

Easily fix a broken vertical blind

This quick and easy hack will make sure you’ll never have an awkward blank space again.

Turn it into an elegant Roman shade

Choose your favorite Muslin fabric and cut up some blinds for this hack.

Fix broken mini blinds in a flash

You’ll never fret again about those bent and jagged broken blinds again.

Give your blinds a good dusting

Even a good cleaning can make your blinds look good as new.

Hide pull cords with an easy to build valance

Your generic blinds will have a professional finish in no time.

Turn them into no-sew Roman shades

This will improve your blinds appearance by 100%.