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DIY Stepping Stone With Secret Key Hider

After getting locked out of my house once, I vowed NEVER AGAIN! So I combined two trendy DIYs- stepping stones and mosaics- and added a secret key hider underneath.
Click HERE for the full tutorial...including my secret trick for a fool proof stepping stone!
Difficulty: Easy
Creating your own decorative stepping stones is as simple as it gets, starting with an old cake pan from your kitchen or the thrift store.
To make it pretty, I created a mosaic design on clear, adhesive plastic, placed it in the bottom of my cake pan, and began to fill the pan with mixed up quik-crete.
Check out my blog for my secret trick for a perfect mosaic design AND a fool-proof stepping stone.
After the mixed concrete was in the pan, I stuck a child-proof pill bottle upside-down in the wet concrete.
I let it sit for 36 hours before easily removing it from the pan. And just like that, I have a secret place for my house key! And it looks awfully pretty in my yard, too.
And before you ask- don't worry! I'm not actually using THIS exact stone for my house/yard, now that I put it online. I made several different stones- some as gifts and one for us. :)

Materials used for this project:

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To see more: http://www.sadieseasongoods.com/mosaic-stepping-stone-key-hider/

  • NancyMaria
    NancyMaria Elko, NV
    on Nov 5, 2016

    I like this idea, nice job!

  • Bbeckley53
    on Nov 5, 2016

    Good idea !!!

  • Bill Wessels
    Bill Wessels
    on Nov 5, 2016

    I like this one.

  • Kwas
    on Nov 5, 2016

    I believe you left out an important step... need to spray the cake pan with some kind of release agent example pam or spray oil.

    • Sadie Seasongoods
      Sadie Seasongoods
      on Nov 5, 2016

      Nope, didn't leave that out. Every single project detail is in my blog post which I mention and link to several times. I have LOTS of extra important details and steps in my full post, thanks!

  • AmyJo Young
    AmyJo Young
    on Nov 5, 2016

    Great job u can also add concrete stain to make brown, terra-cotta etc.

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