How to define two different spaces?

I would like some advice on what could I put in this space to divide it from the living area. I want to use two different colors. Should I go with molding, but I don't know what kind. Could you give me an idea of what I can put here to divide the two spaces? The spaces between the foyer and the living area right after you pass the stair .
q how to define two different spices, how to, What kind of molding should I put in this space to define the two spaces but I can t paint two different colors
What kind of molding should I put in this space to define the two spaces but I would like to paint two different colors.
q how to define two different spices, how to
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  • Carole Bisby Carole Bisby on Nov 06, 2016
    My advise is to use two color's that definitely coordinate together and the wall where the door and closet is one color and the wall that goes into the wall where the door is use the same color as inside of the arched and up the stairs. I have done something similar and it looks beautiful. Good luck!! I used a light gray and a medium teal.
  • Carole Carole on Nov 06, 2016
    Hard to tell what is in the living area, and what you want to accomplish. You could simply visually separate the 2 areas with a rug. You could suspend a one foot curtain rod from the ceiling an tie back a floor length curtain. You could use a bookcase to separate the 2 areas. You could place your seating area in the living room so that the back of a couch or loveseat separates the 2 areas. I hope this helps.
  • M. M.. M. M.. on Nov 06, 2016
    A lot of molding around doors and windows with the satircase and its banisters is going to look very busy. I'd suggest a chair rail with wainscoting, paint above, if you like, from the door across the window towards the room the photographer is in. A long, wide runner from the door to just past the bottom of the stairs would help that feel like that was the entry. If you wanted an accent wall, paint just the wall(s) the two door are on, straight up. That will help everything past that arch (away from the camera) feel like it is more of a foyer, or entry to the main room (?? it's a bit hard to tell what you want to separate in the photo). A low padded bench under the window could help too.
  • Sage Sage on Nov 06, 2016
    Since you cant's paint the wall measure the empty wall area of the entryway. Make a frame with inexpensive wood from a hardware store - bigger the better - then find a piece of fabric with a large print you love OR sheet or drop cloth (bleach & wash it first) and paint or tie-dye your own art. One huge statemnet piece will act as color - define the space and keep it from looking busy. For ideas on making art tell us your style & I can give you links or instructions. It's a great way to change up the look of a room and very high end if you choose right. That and the right plant will do it for you - it is easier than trying to chop the space with an area rug and you can easily change it depending on what you want to do in the future.
  • Susan Dahlseide Susan Dahlseide on Nov 06, 2016
    Not knowing if it's between the door and the stairs or the living from the stairs is a problem. Regardless which space you're trying to define, it can be done by using fabric, a set of well placed photos across the from the bottom of the stairs, or large plants like a fig tree or recycled wrought iron gazebo sides or rails installed directly on to the wall close to the door.
  • Elaine Elaine on Nov 06, 2016
    Can you include another photo that shows how much room you have on the banister side of the entrance? I would NEVER change paint colors if it were my house as you want a nice flow not a chopped-up look. . A smart rug at the entrance and a table or dresser with a mirror above would be nice. Again, I can't see how much room you have on the other side. How about a good sized palm tree before you enter the actual living area as that can create a visual divide. Also nice is a floor standing screen. They can be pricy so you could make a (casual) one hinging three doors together. Also have your couch with its back facing you as you enter the living room with a sofa table placed behind it. There are tons of ideas but a floor plan would help us readers. Good luck!
  • Mildred Mildred on Nov 06, 2016
    attached is what I did and love it got lots of compliments on it I think I sent a pic.
  • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on Nov 07, 2016
    Very pretty house you have. I agree with the suggestions of less is more. Lay a rug to define the area, hang a decorative coat rack on the wall between the door and window, put up some artwork, and you have a nicely defined entryway without a lot of work or expense.
  • Louanne Burgess Louanne Burgess on Nov 07, 2016
    Additional moldings around the door and the window, along with some minimal window treatments to dress up the window (fabric will soften all the hard lines but don't get carried away), a beautiful rug and a large plant on the floor between door and window could be an answer too.
  • Deborah Anthony Deborah Anthony on Nov 07, 2016
    I have my craft area on one side of my dining area, wanted to get a divider screen but they are so incredibly pricey, so I want to get some nice looking molding, glue some pretty material that is semi-transparent on a large frame made with the molding, maybe mount that to a 1X2 on the bottom to use as a divider.... it's just one of my possible future pet projects,
  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 07, 2016
    have 2 different drapes but make sure they go together. art work, and rug.
  • Bridget Bridget on Nov 07, 2016
    I would add a area rug or runner in front of the door and paint the entry door walling of the colors ulled from the new rug. Seeing you have a small child I would not install drapes on the window. Instead I would add wood blinds that match the stain of your hardwoods or use roman blinds. This would also go with the modern table showing on the right side wall.
  • Deborah Dawkins Deborah Dawkins on Nov 08, 2016
    how about 4 tall standing green plants,2 on each end of the dividing line with an elongated carpet between the book ending plants?
  • Cyndi Moore Tippett Cyndi Moore Tippett on Nov 09, 2016
    You can use board batten. I used it 2/3rd up my wall. Lowes Home Inprovement cut my pieces out of 4x8 sheets of fiber board. I used a 4" wide piece for the top header and footer board. The horizontal pieces were cut 3" wide. There are videos to give you ideas. Prime and paint before attaching boards then paint a final coat after installation.
  • Mary Mary on Nov 10, 2016
    not sure if you mean right there in the foyer from the position of the pictures. However, I would get a long, low bench under the window with compartments for shoes, boots and to keep the front entrance area neat.