Pet Turf

Synthetic grass has become an alternative to real grass. Aside of having minimum to no maintenance, there are other benefits to having an artificial landscape. For those who own pets, your pets will no longer track mud or dirt into your home. Clean up has never been easy!

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  • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on May 28, 2014
    @Carole Carole, it sounds like synthetic grass might be a good thing for you! Maybe you should check it out?
  • Mary Tonningsen Mary Tonningsen on May 28, 2014
    @Carole, it sounds like synthetic grass might be perfect for you, then! You might want to check it out and see what you think. I think female dog urine is the WORST!! It seems to burn anything and everything it touches. My male dog pees in the same place all the time and the dichondra keeps on living. The 2 females pee on it once or twice and it's gone forever! I've tried everything, and they keep killing stuff. Poor girls can't help it, of course, but I've probably spent thousands of dollars over the years putting in new 'lawns' each Spring and Summer hoping something will survive. I hate dealing with the mud in the winter and the dust in the summer. Luckily only the cats like rolling in the dirt. ;) Your dog is adorable, btw!! :D Good luck - let us know if you go with the synthetic, I'd like to know if you're happy with it..
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