Do Thanksgiving Like Your Grandma

Recreate your childhood Thanksgiving with these ideas

By Hometalk Highlights

Create a bright a beautiful centerpiece

Grandma’s table always looked stunning with fall flowers and pumpkins.

Craft ornamental turkeys

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without handcrafted Turkey friends.

Have a greeter at your door

Nothing says “Grandma’s” like a kitschy and friendly turkey to welcome your guests.

Keep a blessing jar on hand

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without counting your blessings. This makes sure you don’t forget them.

Have colorful Turkey themed napkin rings

Your themed table will look all set and ready when your guests arrive.

Keep your house smelling like cinnamon

It will feel like you’re walking in Grandma’s house every time you step in.

Set out handmade pilgrim hat place cards

They look great, and set seats mean no bickering or fighting at the table.

Have a game ready for the kids

This turkey bowling game will keep the kids occupied while the real turkey finishes cooking.

Keep warm blankets on hand

Who doesn’t want to snuggle up after eating a Thanksgiving dinner? This scarf blanket is perfect.

Or knit your own cozy blanket

You’ll be super proud to say you made this one on your own, just like Grandma used to.