Transform Cheap Walmart Candles With These 15 Stunning Ideas

For when your candle decor feels a little boring.

By Hometalk Highlights

Tie them with Christmas twine

Add a festive floral arrangement on a burlap background so they’re ready for the holidays.

Dip them in melted crayon

The ombre effect it creates is both elegant and edgy.

Paint them with stripes to get an Anthro look

Get this striped taper look with masking tape and paint.

Blow-dry a vintage image onto them

Turn a plain candle vintage chic with a serviette and a hairdryer

Wrap them in birch bark ribbon

Add some burlap and faux flowers to give them a magical woodland theme.

Press leaves onto them with melting wax

Pick your best leaves then melt some wax and you’re ready to go!

Cover them in birch bark wrapping paper

Complete the rustic birch bark theme by adding ribbon and twine.

Stencil them with a pretty pattern

Glue some glitter onto adhesive stencils with Mod Podge to make it sparkle.

Nestle them in frosted mason jars

Create this gorgeous jar luminary with Epsom salt, to give your chunky, boring candles some glam.

Give plain votives an ombre glitter revamp

Turn those ordinary votives into unique decor for your Thanksgiving table or fall mantel.

Cover them in uplifting holiday messages

Transfer uplifting messages to your cheap Walmart candles using wax paper & a heat gun.

Add a touch of age with stained labels

Looking to add a fun French-y vibe to your candle game? Make your own faux aged labels.

Add elegance by dripping wax down their sides

Give your untouched candles elegance and texture by dripping melted wax down the sides.

Cut them to give them a knotted tree look

Paint electric candles silver to complete this Pottery Barn knockoff.

Glam them up with gold washi tape

These gold washi tape designs will bring elegance and whimsy to your table.