Take Picture Frames Off Your Walls For These 15 Brilliant Ideas

There are so many other things you can do with them.

By Hometalk Highlights

Glue them into rustic lanterns

Just be sure to use an LED candle to prevent fires.

Turn it into a family center chalkboard

Hang it on the side of your fridge or on a wall in the kitchen.

Build it into a glass terrarium

Add a faux plant for some greenery that you can see.

Or turn it into a glass house for Christmas

We love the mini snow covered trees in this little thing.

Mod Podge your favorite pictures on it

And turn it into a glowing picture lantern.

Add some flowers for a gorgeous wreath

Who said wreaths have to be circular?

Add some handles for a perfect towel tray

We love how this looks in the bathroom, and your guests will love it, too.

Frame your painting into a coffee table tray

You get to display your artwork and make it useful.

Give a chalkboard some glam

You’ll be happy to hang this up and write on it with a gorgeous frame like this one.

Turn it into a drying herb rack

This is so simple to make, and your food will taste so much better.

Place it on a pegboard for your spices

This also works as a great place to hang your measuring cups.

Use it as a dry-erase calendar

All you need to do is find a frame you like, take out the fake picture, and voila!

Hang all of your jewelry on it

So this might still be on your wall, but believe us when we say that frames make great jewelry organizers.

Stack them into a tiered tray

Place it on your countertop to save a ton of space.

Turn it into a standing pin cushion

You’ll keep your pins within reach and on hand.